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Calcium Zinc Stabilizer For Pvc

Norstab® 47-154 is used in filled and clear flexible PVC medical and FDA applications. Norstab® 47 -154 is used as a lead stabilizer alternative for PVC wire insulation. Flexible PVC for FDA and gamma sterilized medical applications.  Fda responded with a low melting point and improved clarity for flexible FDAs. Norstab® 50 responds to both filled and. Clear flexible medical and. Clear flexible. Pvc applications.

Why Is Pvc Used In Chemical Industries?

PVC-U, also known as PVP-UA, is widely used in building applications such as window frames.
PVC can be plasticized to make it suitable for use in flooring and medical products.
– PVC is therefore much less reliant on oil than other thermoplastics.
It’s also extremely robust and energy efficient in a variety of industries, which makes it possible to make optimum use of raw materials.
PVC’s compatibility with many different types of additives is one of the materials’ strengths, and it” is what makes it such a versatile polymer.

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Why Are Stabilisers Added To Pvc?

PVC Stabilisers are added either directly into PVP or in combination to prevent oxidation, chain scission, uncontrolled recombination and cross-linking reactions triggered by photo aging. They shield PVC from the damaging effects of extreme temperature and ultraviolet radiations, in effect.

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