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Can Magnesium Raise Blood Pressure

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Hypertension is a complex disorder in which many agents and systems combine to create cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders, which today account for the most common causes of mortality, morbidity, disability, and health expenditures worldwide. Multiple mechanisms may help to clarify the bulk of evidence pointing to a protective role of magnesium against hypertension and its complications. Hypertension affects elderly people, and older people are also affected by the adverse effects. In the last decade, a magnesium deficiency and elevated blood pressure have been identified. In this research, no new data was collected or analyzed. This information is not relevant to this article.

Can Magnesium Raise Blood Pressure – Answer & Related Questions

If magnesium supplementation is reduced, the introduction of magnesium as a supplement could make it possible for the hypertensive to begin an exercise program with a greater degree. Magnesium as a treatment has been shown to reduce BP in normotensives, but it is not often considered a substitute for elevated BP.