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Does Collagen Make You Sleepy

Collagen is a typical connective tissue protein. You eat bucket a great deal of the stuff each time you chew on a pork chop or perhaps a cheeseburger. As different posters have alluded to, once you eat it the digestive course of dismantles the protein to its part amino acid components, that are absorbed within the small bowel and transmitted to the liver the place they’re used for metabolism or despatched to different organs for anabolic course of, like tissue regeneration, restore and development. There is no such thing as a cause why consuming collagen, per-se, ought to have any well being impression over and above that of the meals that accommodates it.

In case you are asking about collagen injections for issues like anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle functions, that is a special matter. I am unsure what collagen mixtures are presently getting used however I’ve a imprecise concept that animal proteins are used; whatever the supply I suppose there is a small danger of allergy or immune response to the preparations, which may be producing cytokines which can be having these fatiguing results. That is purely hypothesis on my half, nevertheless.