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Does Collagen Peptides Really Work

There appears to be a complement for the whole lot lately, and collagen seems to reign supreme…however does collagen work? We’ve executed the analysis for you. Listed here are 6 research that say it does!

Make no mistake, there may be a number of hype round collagen. Individuals are touting collagen advantages for glowing, youthful trying pores and skin, as a solution to fight joint ache and even to heal and seal leaky intestine. Which makes it sound like a subsequent degree complement for total well being and wellbeing.

However is there something really backing up these claims? We needed to assist kind out the reality from the fiction. So we’ve rounded up some effectively backed research that show the measurable, optimistic results of supplementing with collagen. Making the reply a convincing “yes”.

The Takeaway – Does Collagen Peptides Really Work?


Collagen is essentially the most ample protein discovered within the human physique. It may be regarded as the construction, or glue, that actually holds us collectively. This construction performs a vital function in our pores and skin, connective tissues, joints, and cells. As we age, our collagen ranges take a nosedive. This can be a completely pure course of. However can we actually fight the loss by supplementing with collagen? Let’s take a look at the science.

Can our physique really use collagen peptides?


The well being advantages of collagen dietary supplements are a hefty listing, with pores and skin, hair and nails high amongst them. Hinging on the concept if our physique is missing one thing, we will exchange it by including it to our weight loss plan or as a complement is a place to begin. However there are some who say that taking collagen dietary supplements is a giant ole waste of time. They report that our abdomen acids will destroy it earlier than it may be of any use in our physique. Does this declare have any weight to it?

Because it seems, research have proven that after taking a every day dose of collagen, measurable ranges do seem within the bloodstream. This examine, the place topics took a every day dose of collagen for 4 weeks, confirmed that the peptide profile of their blood was elevated whereas they had been taking the complement. Whereas it was highest one hour after taking the complement, the results had been measured and confirmed to stay within the blood for 24 hours. After which ranges went again all the way down to regular.

The findings? Each day ingestion of collagen for an prolonged interval does make it into our system for use by the physique. This reality means that long-term ingestion of collagen hydrolysate could promote useful results.

Does Collagen Work to Enhance Pores and skin Well being? Research Say Sure

Okay, so collagen reaches our bloodstream, however can it really present up in our pores and skin too?

Truly, sure. To research this, a staff of Japanese scientists set about to see if collagen may be measured in our pores and skin. The conclusion? Taking collagen hydrolysate results in the transportation of extremely concentrated Gly-Professional-Hyp and its hydrolyzed type of Professional-Hyp into the bloodstream and pores and skin.

So what in regards to the claims that collagen advantages for pores and skin can result in firmer, smoother texture, a youthful glow and never as susceptible to the results of age (learn: lack of collagen)? Other than a purely experiential reply (many customers report a glow, amongst different issues), the science says that collagen can enhance pores and skin well being.

In a double blind, placebo managed examine, girls aged 35 – 55 had been chosen to both obtain a every day dose of collagen, or a placebo. Their pores and skin was objectively measured at first by way of elasticity, moisture, water loss and roughness. They measured once more at 4 weeks in, and eight weeks in. On the finish of the examine, the teams that had been taking the collagen complement had a measurable enchancment by way of elasticity.

In one other examine, Oral collagen peptide supplementation considerably elevated pores and skin hydration after 8 weeks of consumption. The collagen density within the dermis considerably elevated and the fragmentation of the dermal collagen community considerably decreased already after 4 weeks of supplementation. Each results endured after 12 weeks.

A Joint Effort

We’ve mentioned it earlier than, and it bears repeating right here: the joints are just like the unsung heroes of the physique. In the event you battle with joint ache and stiffness, you’ll be able to look to the well being of your connective tissue. As we age, and our collagen ranges decline, we additionally lose a few of the collagen in our connective tissues. This implies we lose a few of the cushioning and regenerative skills. However does collagen work to regenerate and defend laborious working joints?

The science reveals that collagen peptides and free amino acids delivered by hydrolyzed collagen supplementation really do accumulate within the cartilage of joints. This has proven to take care of joint well being, scale back the chance of joint deterioration, and enhance the ache related to degenerative joint modifications.

Here’s a examine that backs this up: in a 24 week, placebo managed examine, 147 athletes with no indicators of joint illness took collagen dietary supplements (or xanthan, the placebo). The outcomes? Joint ache, as assessed by a physician, was considerably decrease within the topics who had been taking collagen dietary supplements. This reveals the optimistic results of collagen to assist joint well being. And probably scale back the chance of joint deterioration in a high-risk group.

Even in the event you don’t contemplate your self an ‘athlete’, collagen helps to assist you in different methods. Proper all the way down to bone well being. Publish-menopausal girls are at larger threat of osteoporosis. This can be a degenerative illness wherein the bones within the physique turn out to be weak and brittle. After menopause, girls can profit from taking collagen as a solution to enhance bone density. This examine reveals that taking collagen peptides is related to a good shift in bone markers, indicating elevated bone formation and lowered bone degradation.

At all times Go together with Your Intestine: The Collagen Care Bundle

It’s changing into mainstream data lately that the bacterial steadiness in our microbiome (which is fancy phrase for our intestine) performs a pivotal function in our well-being. From our weight to our immune system and even irritation and power illness, these billions of micro organism, and the fragile steadiness between them, have an enormous impact on our total well being.

Dysfunction within the intestine is a results of many shifting components. Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and meals reactions can all work to trigger an imbalance. Circumstances like leaky intestine can throw our entire system out of whack. Leaky intestine develops because of an impermeability subject within the intestinal wall. When this occurs, antigens, meals particles and extra can enter the bloodstream. Supplementing with collagen is believed to assist heal and ‘seal’ the intestine lining. An intact intestine lining has ‘tight junctions’, which is precisely the alternative of leaky intestine. With tight junctions, the liner is impermeable, and what’s meant to remain within the digestive tract, does.

This examine, which analyzed the impact of collagen peptides derived from Alaska Pollock pores and skin, confirmed that collagen certainly does defend towards TNFα-induced dysfunction of tight junctions. Which means that supplementing with collagen will help with tight junctions, and signs related to leaky intestine.

The Takeaway

Whereas extra analysis is required, early indicators are that collagen does certainly play a scientifically measurable function by way of pores and skin, joint and intestine well being. So whether or not you’re coping with pores and skin points, joint ache or intestine issues, (or simply desirous to see what all of the fuss is about), take a look at Sproos’ line of top quality, ethically sourced, filler-free collagen merchandise. And whether or not you go for a bar or a powder, we’ve made it simple (and engaging) to get your every day dose.