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Does Collagen Supplements Cause Constipation

I f there have been a yearbook for buzzy vitamins, collagen would in all probability be named “Most likely to f there were a yearbook for buzzy nutrients, collagen would probably be named “Most likely to bestow really glowy skin. ” (And it’d doubtless additionally get votes for “Best hair .”) However celebrating collagen for its magnificence advantages alone is like ignoring the promenade queen’s dazzling SAT scores—that’s to say, promoting it brief. In any case, this protein does much more for the inside workings of your physique than you might notice.

“Collagen contains 18 amino acids, [including] eight essential amino acids,” says professor and diet professional Nicole Avena, PhD. “These amino acids help our bodies perform important functions.” You intestine, joints, hormones—all get an help out of your bone broth latte or your collagen-spiked smoothie.

Sounds too good to be true? Properly, there’s one caveat—collagen gained’t do you any favors if you happen to’re not in any other case consuming a wholesome, balanced food regimen. “Collagen is not a cure-all,” stresses BZ Diet founder Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD. “It [can help] maintain healthy, normal muscle, joint, and organ function within your body, but it will not undo damage on its own. You need to incorporate it into a healthy diet filled with lean protein—fish, seafood, eggs, or meat—fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains.”

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When you’ve already bought that steadiness factor down, nevertheless, then a collagen complement might be simply the factor to take your well being to the following stage—in and out. (Each Dr. Avena and Zeitlin like Additional Meals’s collagen powder, whereas Zeitlin’s additionally a fan of Important Proteins.) Perhaps it’s time to vary that superlative to “Biggest Overachiever”?

4. It could forestall workout-related soreness – Does Collagen Supplements Cause Constipation

1. It helps hold your intestine wholesome

You may by no means make too many performs for a wholesome digestive tract, because it impacts every thing from pores and skin well being to temper. And in accordance with the specialists, collagen delivers all types of advantages on this entrance.

“Collagen plays a role in building and maintaining healthy connective tissue, which lines our entire digestive tract,” says Zeitlin. “Damages to the tissue can lead to inflammation and leaky gut syndrome.”

When you suspect your intestine lining could also be compromised—maybe after years of taking ache meds or overexercising—collagen may show you how to heal, says Dr. Avena. “Since collagen is a key component in the intestinal wall, supplementing may help to repair it,” she says. “Another amino acid in collagen, glutamine, can help in preventing inflammation of the gut wall and may help in healing leaky gut.”

Your abdomen, too, could profit. “Collagen contains abundant amounts of glycine and proline, which may help in healing the stomach lining and preventing stress-induced ulcers,” says Dr. Avena. The stress bit is vital: In case your nervous system is continually taxed, it might really disrupt the manufacturing of collagen, says Zeitlin. “If you are someone with a lot of stress, then you want to add in collagen-boosting foods and peptides,” she notes.

2. It could assist relieve constipation

Digestion feeling somewhat sluggish? Collagen to the rescue. “Collagen may help for constipation because it is a hydrophilic molecule, which can help to attract water and acidic molecules,” says Dr. Avena. “This may help food move through the GI tract more smoothly.”

In fact, you continue to have to be hydrated to ensure that this to work, so ensure you’re ingesting sufficient water so that you simply’re peeing each two to 3 hours.

3. It may hold cravings at bay

When you’re within the midst of a giant dietary change—like quitting sugar or dairy, or kicking carbs within the identify of going keto—you’ll doubtless spend just a few days pining after no matter it’s you’ve given up. Collagen may help, says Zeitlin. “A good source of protein at every meal and snack will help to fill you up and keep you satisfied, which helps to curb cravings and prevent overeating,” she factors out.

Science backs up the facility of collagen protein, particularly, in minimizing the munchies. “In a study assessing hunger hormones in 10 obese patients and 12 patients of normal weight, researchers found that the intake of gelatin—a substance derived from collagen itself—actually increased the satiety hormone,” Dr. Avena explains. “This goes hand-in-hand with fighting off pesky cravings, such as those for salty, oily, fatty, or sugary foods.” It’s definitely simpler to swallow than apple cider vinegar—one other under-the-radar cravings treatment.

4. It could forestall workout-related soreness

As you become old, you might discover the 5-mile runs and jump-squat units that was NBD are all of the sudden getting somewhat tougher to get well from. In that case, you might need to contemplate including collagen powder to your post-workout shake.

“I typically bring up collagen when my patients are working out a lot or training for an event, [because] collagen builds muscle, fights joint inflammation, and repairs tissue,” says Zeitlin. Provides Dr. Avena: “Supplementing with collagen has been shown to reduce pain associated with exercise or physical activity, so you may be able to exercise longer.” Or, you understand, make your relaxation days much more pleasurable.

Lastly, a solution to the query of what’s higher for you: animal or marine collagen. Plus, specialists weigh in on the perfect meals to pair together with your collagen to maximise its many helpful results.