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Does Collagen Thicken Hair

by: Higher Not Youthful Could 17, 2021 4 min learn

Collagen is usually acknowledged as a potent resolution for thickening hair. It could scale back hair loss and speed up hair development whereas additionally bettering nail and pores and skin well being.

Collagen’s capacity to spice up pores and skin elasticity additionally applies to your scalp. The dermal layer the place your hair follicles are located can expertise harm, resulting in age-related thinning and hair loss.

Fortunately, consuming a food plan stuffed with collagen-rich meals and taking dietary supplements might be efficient at fortifying your scalp, bettering follicle well being, and boosting hair thickness.

Learn how to Select the Finest Collagen Complement – Does Collagen Thicken Hair

Collagen performs a big position in sustaining follicle operate, despite the fact that solely a tiny quantity of collagen is situated within the outer layers of your hair shaft. But, yow will discover it within the dermal tissue surrounding your follicles.

A number of research have proven that throughout the hair’s development (anagen) section, the collagen quantity surrounding the hair bulb thickens and will increase. When the hair follicle passes into the catagen stage, it sheds two layers of collagen encompassing it.

As our our bodies create extra collagen, the layers regenerate. This helps our hair follicles re-entering the anagen section, sustaining the continued hair development cycle.

How Does Collagen Thicken Hair?


Collagen helps thicken hair by combating follicle harm, stopping age-related thinning, and offering the constructing blocks that make up hair.

Collagen Can Assist Combat Hair Follicle Injury

Wholesome hair follicles are undoubtedly the important thing to minimal hair loss and thicker hair strands of hair.

Although, as we undergo life, our follicles come below assault from an accumulation of free radicals produced by poor consuming, power stress, UV publicity, smoking, and getting older. Free radicals are extremely reactive molecules, and too a lot of them can harm the DNA, lipids, and proteins that make up cells in our our bodies.

Oblique proof has instructed that free radicals may hurt our hair follicles, the pocket-like organs the place our hairs are shaped.

A 2016 Tokyo Medical College examine found a relationship between hair loss and free radicals. Researchers discovered that an elevated presence of free radicals on the scalp led to elevated hair loss and thinning.

Collagen can struggle harm attributable to free radicals by appearing as an antioxidant. Research have proven that marine collagen, specifically, can struggle free radicals and cease future scalp and hair harm.

Collagen Could Forestall Age-Associated Hair Thinning

The center layer of pores and skin referred to as the dermis comprises every of your hairs’ roots and is made up of 70% collagen. Specifically, collagen contributes to the energy and elasticity of your dermis.

As we age, our our bodies expertise decreased collagen manufacturing and turn out to be much less proficient at replenishing our dermal cells. This weakens our pores and skin and shrinks our follicles. Together with menopause, this can be the rationale our hair grows thinner over time.

Due to this, ensuring you present your physique with loads of collagen could provide help to nurture a wholesome dermis and fend off hair thinning.

Research have proven that collagen dietary supplements enhance pores and skin elasticity, enhance collagen ranges within the pores and skin, and reduce skin-aging indicators.

Since hair develops within the pores and skin, taking collagen dietary supplements to stop dermal getting older could contribute to decreased thinning and improved hair development.

Collagen Provides Amino Acids That Can Be Used to Create Hair

Collagen makes up 30% of the protein in our our bodies and is a synthesis of amino acids, particularly proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine. Proline can also be essentially the most important amino acid for producing keratin.

Some researchers hypothesize that consuming proline-rich collagen in meals and dietary supplements can help your physique in creating keratin. Your physique can then use these constructing blocks to develop thicker, more healthy hair.

Collagen Dietary supplements Are Made Straightforward to Take up

It’s vital to notice that once you devour collagen orally, your physique breaks it down into amino acids after which releases them into the bloodstream. Solely then can it create collagen. That’s why along with taking collagen dietary supplements, consuming a food plan wealthy in nutritional vitamins and minerals is important to serving to collagen molecules kind.

Many collagen dietary supplements are hydrolyzed, which suggests they’re damaged down prematurely (into peptides of two or three amino acids), making them simpler in your physique to soak up.

Marine collagen, specifically, is plentiful in antioxidants, and its simply digestible compounds can fight free radicals and assist cease future hair harm.

Learn how to Select the Finest Collagen Complement

When selecting a collagen complement, be sure you choose a high quality product in your wants. Of the physique’s 16 collagen varieties, sorts I and III are essentially the most plentiful, and each are essential for creating vibrant hair and pores and skin.

Higher Not Youthful’s tropical-flavored Energy Inside Pores and skin & Scalp Collagen Gummies are filled with 96 milligrams of sorts I and III marine collagen. They’re sourced from pollack, cod, and haddock scales.

To assist your physique create thicker hair from the within, take two gummies day by day, or as advisable by your healthcare skilled. For extra hair thickening options, go to our Store web page.