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does protein in urine smell

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The frequent causes of a popcorn scent embrace diabetes, being pregnant, and a weight loss program excessive in protein.

This text will talk about a few of the causes an individual’s urine might scent like popcorn and clarify when to see a physician about modifications in urine odor.

Urine might scent like popcorn for a number of completely different causes, most of which aren’t any trigger for concern.


Causes and signs

Folks might fear if their urine smells like popcorn, however this isn’t unusual. Most circumstances are short-term, but when the scent persists, it’s price seeing a physician to find out the underlying trigger.

Urine consists primarily of water. When it appears or smells completely different than traditional, it’s due to waste merchandise that come from the physique. Because of this the look and scent of urine can inform quite a bit about an individual’s well being.

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Widespread causes for urine to scent like popcorn embrace:


Folks with diabetes might have a really excessive degree of ketones of their bloodstream. When the physique excretes these in urine, they will make the urine scent like popcorn. A excessive degree of ketones within the urine or blood is known as ketosis.

The physique will produce ketones when it doesn’t have sufficient sugar or glucose for gas. This may occur in a single day or when an individual is fasting.

Having a small variety of ketones within the bloodstream is regular, particularly for individuals who train quite a bit or do different actions that encourage the physique to burn fats. Nonetheless, if an individual with diabetes doesn’t management their situation, a dangerously excessive degree of ketones can construct of their blood.

That is referred to as ketoacidosis, and it’s a life-threatening situation that requires fast medical consideration. For some folks, it’s the first signal that they’ve diabetes.

Generally, folks with ketoacidosis have candy, strong-smelling urine. Ketoacidosis can develop inside 24 hours of getting constantly excessive blood glucose ranges, or hyperglycemia.

It’s potential to measure urinary ketones utilizing ketone strips, which can be found in drugstores or on-line.

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Extra indicators and signs of ketoacidosis embrace:

Ketoacidosis constitutes a medical emergency, so if anybody suspects this situation, they need to name the emergency providers instantly.

Aside from diabetes, the most typical causes of ketoacidosis are hunger and consuming numerous alcohol.

Consuming numerous protein

One other solution to trigger ketosis is by consuming numerous protein. When an individual eats numerous protein as a substitute of carbohydrates, their physique makes use of protein and saved fats for vitality as a substitute of utilizing carbohydrates as it could normally do. This may trigger the ketone degree within the blood to rise. When these ketones go away the physique within the urine, it might scent candy or just like popcorn.

Being pregnant

Throughout being pregnant, urine might change for a number of causes, together with:


When somebody is dehydrated, they excrete much less water within the urine, which means their urine is extra concentrated, darker in shade, and smells a lot stronger than traditional. If the waste merchandise in urine have a popcorn scent, the urine may scent like popcorn since it’s extra concentrated.

Other than strong-smelling urine, extra signs of dehydration embrace:

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When to see a physician

Folks normally don’t want to fret if their urine smells a bit completely different than traditional for a day or two.

Nonetheless, in the event that they discover that their urine smells candy like popcorn for a number of days, they need to see a physician to find out the underlying trigger.

Specifically, folks with diabetes and pregnant ladies ought to speak with a physician about any modifications within the scent of their urine, particularly whether it is sturdy and candy smelling.



Popcorn-scented urine sometimes happens because of weight loss program or dehydration and is not any trigger for concern.

Nonetheless, if the scent lasts longer than a number of days with weight loss program or fluid consumption unlikely to be the trigger, it’s best to go to a physician. Equally, pregnant girl and other people with diabetes or different signs of diabetes ought to communicate to a physician in the event that they discover the scent. In these circumstances, popcorn-scented urine could also be an indication of a severe medical challenge.


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