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How To Use A Magnesium Bar With Striker

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On the opposite side of the flint rod, the magnesium bar is scratched on the backside of your pocket knife. If you use the bar’s edge, you will have a great deal in getting nice curled shavings of magnesium. After you’ve shaved about a quarter-inch pile, you should have trimmed it. To strike the back of your knife, use the front side of the blade. The shaving will be sparked by a rod and sparks. We find that holding your knife in a stable position above the shaverings and sliding the knife works best. The magnesium bar has been moved back and forth from the pile.

How Do You Start A Fire With A Magnesium Rod?

The base of your fire should be as dry as possible, such as bark from a dead tree.
Use any good knife, preferably with a fixed or locking blade.
Use it properly, obtaining grass, small sticks, and anything else that can be flammable quickly.
– If a spark falls on the magnesium, you will have sparked .
The base should be dry as well as dry bark from dead trees, such as dead tree bark.
To build a fire, the best way to build one is to gather wood and Tinder in secluded areas for storing tinder. The best thing to do is to get grass, sticks, and small sticks to burn quickly.

How Do You Use A Magnesium Flint Striker?

To strike the flint rod and fire a shower of sparks onto the shavings, use the backside of your knife to strike it again. We find that it’s best if you hold your knife in a stable position over the shavings and slide the magnesium bar back and forth from the pile.