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is ghost pre workout vegan

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Pre exercises are one of many longest-standing courses of exercise complement with the primary official formulation—Final Orange—showing-up within the Nineteen Eighties. Issues have come a good distance since then with many preworkouts, like 4 Gauge and Past Uncooked LIT, hitting the market. Immediately we’re taking a more in-depth take a look at the hip and classy Ghost Legend Pre Exercise.

When you’ve been residing below the proverbial rock and have by no means heard of a pre-workout complement, they’re a category of complement particularly designed to energise your physique and improve the standard of your exercise via improved efficiency. 

And relying on the formulation, some pre-workouts additionally comprise components that promise to extend power, muscular endurance and supply a larger pump to assist construct larger muscular tissues.


About Ghost Legend

The very first thing that stands out about Ghost Legend is the branding. With clear strains and vibrant colours, Ghost have shied away from the everyday trade strategy of draping half-naked our bodies throughout their product pages and as an alternative put all their vitality into positioning themselves as a life-style model.

Straight from the Ghost web site:

Based in 2016 and head-quartered in Chicago, Ghost is unquestionably one of many smaller complement firms on the market with simply 36 staff. However slightly than hiding from this, they actively invite you into their story by sharing compelling and interesting content material in regards to the evolution of their model.

That is advertising executed proper with robust branding and inclusive messaging that compels you to purchase one thing—simply so that you will be a part of the rising Ghost household. 


Ghost Legend Advantages

The purpose of any pre exercise is to get you amped and able to crush your exercise, and Ghost Legend claims three advantages with their formulation: vitality, focus and the pump.

Let’s take a fast take a look at these headline advantages and the prime movers behind the impact.


Who doesn’t need extra vitality for his or her exercises? Particularly on leg day! 

With Ghost Legend, the punch behind the elevated vitality is caffeine, with Beta Alanine and L-Citrulline serving to carry your efficiency with general reductions in muscle fatigue.


When you’ve ever educated with actual depth you’ll know {that a} onerous exercise leaves you feeling spent—bodily and mentally. And whereas caffeine can get you within the zone, it might probably additionally go away you feeling a bit hyper and even edgy. 

So to assist preserve you centered and mentally “on”, the Ghost Legend system contains Alpha-GPC—a notable cholinergic nootropic—in addition to Taurine to smooth-out the vitality rush and even Theobromine to easily make it easier to really feel good. 

The Pump

The science on whether or not the pump really helps to construct muscle will endlessly be up for debate, however there’s no debating how the pump makes you are feeling. And whereas Arnold is famed for equating the sensation of the pump to that of cumming, Ghost has settled for describing the sensation as legendary. 

After we take a look at the Ghost Legend system, the pump appears to be on the high of their formulation with a number of components included to assist improve and maintain nitrous oxide manufacturing—dilating blood vessels and growing blood movement to the muscular tissues. 

The massive hitter right here is L-Citrulline, with Agmatine Sulfate—a spinoff of L-Arginine—mentioning the rear. 


Ghost Legend Substances

Full marks right here to Ghost for together with a full disclosure label on their merchandise. And whereas this strategy is changing into increasingly common, many producers are nonetheless utilizing proprietary blends which leaves the patron at nighttime as to what they’re really ingesting.

A fast scan down the checklist of components rapidly identifies that Ghost Legend contains lots of the staples we’d count on to see in a pre exercise, in addition to a couple of selections which might be considerably much less frequent. 

However general the ingredient checklist appears to be like good and contains high-quality, tried and examined components for a balanced pre exercise stack. It’s additionally produced in a GMP compliant facility which assures correct design, monitoring, and management of producing processes and services. 

UK formulation

It’s additionally price noting that a few of the components used within the unique formulation right here within the US should not accepted for the UK/European market. In consequence, the Ghost Legend product within the UK does have some substitutions: 

The evaluation of components on this evaluate is concentrated on the US formulation, and the desk beneath reveals the components for the blue raspberry taste.

Vegan pleasant?

You’ll additionally discover that for some obscure cause, there’s milk listed as an allergen within the blue raspberry taste—a warning that isn’t current on the fruit punch taste. 

I reached out to Ghost to make clear whether or not some flavors of Ghost Legend are appropriate for vegans and that is what they mentioned: 

Thanks for reaching out. Sadly, our Legend Pre-Exercise shouldn’t be vegan and comprises NADH, which comes from beeswax.

And a bit extra analysis confirms that certainly NADH is usually stabilized utilizing plant fat and, slightly obscurely, beeswax. So for those who’re a capital “V” vegan, then you definitely’ll must avoid all flavors of Ghost Legend. 

Ingredient Record


Citrulline is a staple in lots of formulations of pre exercise and pump merchandise, growing blood movement and doubtlessly supporting improved vitality manufacturing and muscular endurance. And there’s loads of knowledge supporting L-Citrulline for its capability to dilate blood vessels and enhance blood movement. 

Now Ghost Legend makes some extent of stressing that L-Citrulline is used of their formulation versus Citrulline Malate—largely because of questions of purity and transparency round quantity of L-Citrulline really being supplied. 

However science means that the selection of L-Citrulline vs Citrulline Malate in a formulation is definitely considered one of intent.

These within the L-Citrulline camp are usually utilizing the ingredient as a method to extend nitric oxide manufacturing and enhance the pump. Whereas dietary supplements that embody Citrulline Malate—Citrulline and Malic Acid—are doing so for the additional advantage of enhancements to cardio and anaerobic efficiency derived from Malic Acid’s participation within the Krebs cycle. 

Both method, the inclusion of L-Citrulline right here is not any shock, and with 3-5g broadly accepted because the dosage for bettering exercise efficiency, the 4g in Ghost Legend hits the mark.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is the granddaddy of pre exercise supplementation and is the ingredient liable for the infamous flushing and tingling of the pores and skin many people get inside minutes of ingestion. 

It really works by boosting the manufacturing of intramuscular Carnosine, which in flip acts as a buffer towards lactic acid that builds-up throughout train. The online impact is decreased fatigue and the flexibility to work out tougher and longer. 

When it comes to dosing, Ghost Legend reviews that dosages as little as 1.6g have confirmed to be efficient in eliciting enhancements in muscular endurance, and there are some research to help this. And the extremely respected cites normal day by day doses of 2-5g.

With Ghost Legend packing 2g of Beta Alanine into each scoop, it ought to show efficient for most individuals. 

Agmatine Sulfate

Ghost Legend positions Agmatine Sulfate as the brand new pump king. And numerous different complement firms are both together with it of their formulation or making it accessible as a stand-alone complement. 

However whereas there’s some proof of Agmatine serving to to manage the manufacturing of Nitric Oxide in rodents, this decarboxylated arginine chemical is definitely categorized as an adaptogen and nootropic with most human research oriented round temper problems and neuropathic ache.


There may be loads of animal proof to counsel agmatine is a extremely promising analysis chemical. It’s not a typical complement as a result of there’s a lack of human proof for its results. A number of research have been executed on individuals, however the majority use agmatine injections, not oral ingestion. Analysis should set up that agmatine’s results will work following oral ingestion to ensure that wide-scale supplementation to be thought of.

So whereas it doesn’t appear to be it’s going to do you any hurt, there’s little proof to counsel that Agmatine would be the cause behind your shirt-splitting pumps. 


Norvaline is one other ingredient Ghost Legend has chosen to incorporate that surprises me a bit—largely as a result of conclusive science simply isn’t there but. And Ghost Legend shouldn’t be alone right here, with fairly a couple of producers leaping in early and together with it of their formulation. 

The premise for its inclusion is probably going the position is has to play as an arginase inhibitor, primarily uncapping nitrous oxide manufacturing. And as we’ve already discovered, extra nitric oxide means larger, extra highly effective pumps. 

However not solely is Norvaline an ingredient that doesn’t have robust knowledge to help it, there’s really some current knowledge that means it might be dangerous. For instance, a current research revealed in Toxicology in Vitro was picked-up in EurekaAlert—a service of the American Affiliation for the Development of Science:

The research, revealed in Toxicology in Vitro confirmed that even at comparatively low concentrations the amino acid L-norvaline might make cells unhealthy and finally kill them. That is the primary research that investigates the toxicity of L-norvaline in human cells, particularly testing its impact on the well being of mind cells arising from its capability to imitate protein amino acids.


On the Ghost Legend label, Taurine is slotted as an ingredient below the umbrella of Good Vitality. And as with Crimson Bull and different stimulant merchandise, Taurine is probably going included in Ghost Legend to assist {smooth} the punch of vitality you get from the caffeine. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine has lengthy been used to spice up vitality, cut back emotions of fatigue and assist enhance psychological focus, and there’s good proof within the literature to help it. 

Between the Caffeine Anhydrous (165mg) and DiCaffeine Malate (37mg), one serving of Ghost Legend packs a modest caffeine punch of 202mg—roughly the equal of two cups of standard espresso. 

The dosing is definitely secure and inline with earlier research and different merchandise of this class. Nevertheless, as with all courses of stimulant, the consequences are very private and tremendously influenced by your dimension (physique mass) and tolerance. 

For instance, for those who’re a frequent customer to Starbucks the place one grande cup of Pike Place checks-in at 310mg of caffeine, you may not even discover (or profit) from the consequences of the added caffeine in any respect. 

And as with all issues caffeine, you must consider your dose tolerance fastidiously and respect the Ghost Legend label warnings to keep away from caffeine from different sources whereas taking this product. 

DiCaffeine Malate

The one factor price noting with DiCaffeine Malate is that as with many complement components, there are few or no scientific research to help the claimed advantages. 

With DiCaffeine Malate, the claimed profit is all of the goodness of caffeine however with out the crash and fewer gastric misery. 

However with no peer-reviewed journals or meta evaluation to confirm any of those claims, we’re left with both hypotheticals from the producers or anecdotes from customers. 


Ghost Legend contains Alpha-GPC as a nootropic for growing psychological focus within the gymnasium, and it’s a preferred ingredient in numerous nootropic formulations in addition to a standalone complement in it’s personal proper. 

Nevertheless, as with many such components, the science on how it might work to enhance cognition and focus within the normal inhabitants is basically unsubstantiated. And a fast take a look at respected sources (webMD, that assess all of the accessible research counsel that human, peer-reviewed proof is missing to help most claims. 

We even have doubts in regards to the 150mg of Alpha GPC in Ghost Legend being efficient as within the research the place Alpha-GPC reveals promise in supplementation, the dosing is usually considerably larger (1000mg+) and sometimes given as an intramuscular injection. Furthermore, in response to rat research, the consequences of alpha-GPC ingested orally peak at 300-600 mg/kg—that’s an estimated human dose of 48-96 mg/kg which for a 150lb human is 3,272-6,545 mg day by day!


Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb and staple of Chinese language natural medication that’s usually used to cut back the consequences of bodily and psychological exhaustion. So there’s a extremely good likelihood that this can assist mitigate exercise fatigue.

Nevertheless, the 50mg of Rhodiola included in Ghost Legend is on the low-end of the research spectrum with a bigger variety of research displaying effectiveness with 200mg or 3mg/KG of physique weight.


Theobromine is a naturally occurring compound present in cacao vegetation and is basically liable for giving darkish chocolate its typical bitter style. 

Amongst the various reported advantages, Theobromine:

Nevertheless the 50mg of Theobromine in Ghost Legend is on the very low-end of the spectrum with doses of ~500mg displaying the best impact with little to no side-effects.

Olive Leaf Extract

There’s no commentary from Ghost Legend as to why they included Olive Leaf Extract within the formulation, however olive leaves are packed a polyphenol known as oleuropein—a compound that’s liable for most of olive oil’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-fighting traits.

Dosing ranges dramatically relying on what you are attempting to do with it, and reviews typical supplemental doses within the vary of 500-1000mg, with LDL oxidation because the outlier seeing optimistic results with doses as little as 10mg. 


Thank goodness for NADH, as a result of who desires to say Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydrate?

Once more, no clear narrative from Ghost Legend on why NADH was included within the formulation, but it surely’s seemingly for the nootropic impact and improved psychological focus. However NADH additionally performs a job in vitality manufacturing and is usually used to enhance athletic efficiency and deal with circumstances like persistent fatigue syndrome. 

Regardless, the two.5mg dose of NADH is considerably low in comparison with the 5-10mg studied in scientific analysis, so it’s onerous to make any assertions about efficacy within the context of a pre exercise. 

Oh, and in case you missed it earlier, NADH is stabilized with plant oils and beeswax making Ghost Legend appropriate for vegans. 

Rauwolfia Root Extract

Ghost Legend comprises simply 1mg of Rauwolfia Root Extract, which is presumably for the Rauwolscine also referred to as Alpha-Yohimbine. 

As a part of a pre exercise stack, Rauwolscine could be alpha-blocking and will assist improve circulation and enhance pumps. It’s additionally been proven to raise serotonin ranges and enhance temper.

With Rauvolfia Vomitoria containing ~90% Rauwolscine, it’s onerous to know if the 0.9mg you’re getting in Ghost Legend will probably be doing something vital. And as with all of those fringe components, human trials and peer reviewed research aren’t there to validate the claims.


Dosage and The best way to Take Ghost Legend

A serving dimension is 1 scoop, and there are 30 servings in a container. 

Merely stir or shake 1 scoop of Ghost Legend into 6-8 ounces of water and devour 20-Half-hour earlier than you exercise. 


Claims vs. Actuality – “is ghost pre workout vegan”

Ghost Legend doesn’t make too many outlandish claims all through their web site and packaging. Even legendary pumps is simply fantastic with us as an enormous pump when understanding does really feel all kinds of epic. 

However Ghost Legend lands with fairly daring declare proper out of the gate that’s price difficult. 

So the primary query now we have to reply here’s what do you have to care about most in a pre exercise, and secondly, how a lot of the stuff does Ghost Legend have vs some main manufacturers? 

The highest components for pre exercises are hotly debated, and you must know that it’s robust to make overly-simplistic comparisons as no two formulations are usually the identical.

However listed below are three of the extra frequent components which were proven to have optimistic results. 

Assessing the main pre exercises can also be difficult, because it will depend on the place you look. However utilizing the highest 5 Finest Sellers in Sports activities Vitamin Pre-Exercise Powders on Amazon, the evaluation breaks down like this: 

* Seemingly lower than 250mg because the 100mg of microencapsulated caffeine shouldn’t be pure. ** Classic Blast makes use of 5g of Citrulline Malate, which is usually round 57% L-Citrulline *** There further L-Citrulline in a 500mg mix not mirrored on this quantity

Does the two-times hold-up?

Briefly, it doesn’t. 

The declare solely actually wins out for the L-Citrulline, and Ghost Legend actually does pack within the worth far outstripping a few of the high competitors.

However with the Caffeine and Beta Alanine, it’s not a declare that holds-up to scrutiny. 

There’s additionally a ton of high quality merchandise available on the market that some sources will rank as “leaders”, like Legion Athletics Pulse, which comprises 3600mg of Beta Alanine, 8000mg of Citrulline Malate (giving 4000mg of L-Citrulline) and 350mg of Caffeine! 


Who’s Ghost Preworkout Finest For?

Pre exercises will be useful to anybody taking part in each anaerobic and cardio sports activities and have lengthy been utilized by bodybuilders to assist increase efficiency within the gymnasium.

And for the intense lifter or skilled athlete that’s usually understanding tougher and longer than most, a pre exercise can positively provide the edge and lengthen each bodily and psychological efficiency.

However as with all complement, there are some execs and cons to contemplate. 

The largest professional is the vitality increase from components like Caffeine and Beta Alanine, and most of the people will really feel the distinction. Nevertheless, these similar components can go away some individuals feeling edgy and jittery, and lots of others discover the infamous itching related to Beta Alanine fairly disagreeable—even whether it is innocent. 

And whereas these formulations can have you ever pushing longer and tougher, except you’re going with a product that has a full-disclosure label like Ghost Legend, you usually don’t know precisely what you might be ingesting. For some, that’s each a danger and a turn-off. 


Ghost Legend Security and Aspect Results

The components in Ghost Legend are absolutely disclosed in title and amount, and they’re usually secure and pure inclusions in a pre exercise product.

Nevertheless, as with all stimulant containing dietary supplements, there are some normal security tips and side-effects in play. 


Ghost Legend comprises 202mg of caffeine and relying in your dimension and tolerance you may expertise agitation, jitters, complications and nausea. 

And Ghost Legend gives a transparent warning on the label that you simply shouldn’t be taking every other merchandise with caffeine when consuming their pre exercise—and that features plain previous espresso. 

So remember to factor-in your morning espresso ritual in case your are planning to take Ghost Legend as a part of a morning exercise routine. And train warning round night consumption of Ghost Legend too, as 202mg of caffeine is like ingesting ~2 cups of espresso simply hours earlier than mattress! 

Beta Alanine

Chances are high you will really feel the 2g of Beta Alanine in Ghost Legend, particularly in case you are not presently taking a pre exercise complement. 

And along with the added vitality, you’re more likely to expertise Beta Alanine’s notorious flushing and itching of the pores and skin—usually down the perimeters of the face, chest and arms. 

It’s innocent, however it may be disconcerting and a bit disagreeable for those who’ve by no means skilled it earlier than. 

The side-effect can also be decreased for many individuals with elevated frequency of publicity—so it ought to get higher over time.