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Is Mag 07 The Same As Magnesium

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Mag 07 is a large magnesium molecule that does not dissolve into your bloodstream nor contributes to the body’s need for magnesium. It simply stays in your intestine and absorbs and moves water to form and move your stool. Take up to 5 capsules at bedtime with 8-12 oz of water, on an empty stomach for 7-10 days or until the desired cleanse has been achieved. Dose values are subject to changeable amounts. Colon Cleanser 180 Capsules (3020) – Walmart.

Why Does Mag07 Make You Poop?

Mag O7 has a stool softening effect, which eliminates the accumulation of unnecessary waste in the digestive tract.
Mag 07 aids in the digestion process by slowly releasing beneficial reactive oxygen species (ROS), which aid friendly bacteria in digesting nutrients properly.
To eliminate bloating, gas, and occasional constipation, gently cleanse and detoxify your entire digestive tract.
Don’t be fooled by the name; it is not a magnesium supplement. If you want to get the most magnesium from the many magnesium supplements, you should stick to magnesium tablets.
Probiotics should also be rebuilt the morning after.