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pre workout powder is hard

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A reasonably widespread subject with pre exercise dietary supplements is that the powder can ‘clump’ collectively. In the end, this leads folks to query the merchandise security and effectiveness.

For that reason, we’ve put collectively a brief article advising how you can forestall your pre-workout turning clumpy – and how you can repair it.


Why Pre Exercises Flip Clumpy

As we talked about, that is fairly a standard drawback with pre exercises. However it isn’t all the time a nasty factor.

Right here’s why; as most pre exercise dietary supplements are available powder type, they include hygrosopic components (which means they appeal to and maintain water molecules at regular or room temperature).

As 4 Gauge solely accommodates 100% pure components (with none synthetic sweeteners or flavors), this may often be the reason for our pre exercise solidifying. Sadly, one benefit that chemical substances and synthetic sweeteners have is with the ability to keep dry – however this comes at the price of elevated danger of unwanted effects.

With all pre-workouts; if left unused for durations of time, it’s fairly regular for them to show clumpy or exhausting. For that reason, we’ll offer you some tricks to forestall this from occurring beneath.



How To Stop It

Hold the silica gel packet buried in Your 4 Gauge Container

That is the commonest motive why pre exercises flip clumpy or exhausting. Because the powdered components are hygroscopic, they naturally start to draw moisture from the air and container at room temperature.

Effectively, for this reason 4 Gauge accommodates a silica gel packet; these silica gel packets forestall the powder from attracting moisture, stopping 4 Gauge from turning clumpy or going exhausting.

For that reason, it’s essential that you simply don’t throw the silica gel packet away – and hold it buried within the pre exercise powder always.

Commonly stir or shake the pre exercise powder and container

One more reason why pre exercises can go clumpy or exhausting, is as a result of they’re not used as continuously as protein powders or different dietary supplements.

Consequently, pre exercises can usually be left sitting for durations of time – whereas protein powders are often consumed a number of instances per day.

In the end, when left sitting for longer durations, the powder in pre exercise dietary supplements usually tend to take in moisture and switch clumpy or exhausting.

For that reason, it’s essential to commonly stir your 4 Gauge or shake the shotgun shell container.

Hold 4 Gauge in cool, dry areas and keep away from extreme warmth

Though that is acknowledged on the container, many individuals nonetheless go away their pre exercises of their vehicles in a single day.

Merely put, particularly in heat nations, vehicles can turn out to be extremely popular in a single day. This results in your pre exercise being uncovered to extreme warmth – leading to clumpy or exhausting powder.


Fast Fixes

Proper, so we’ve given you some recommendations on how you can forestall your pre exercise from turning clumpy or going exhausting. Nonetheless, this part is for these searching for an answer to this drawback.

After testing some strategies out, we’ve discovered the very best ‘quick fixes’.

Put 4 Gauge powder right into a blender

We admit this may sound unusual at first. Nonetheless, it is a very efficient repair that solely takes seconds to do.

It’s fairly self-explanatory, however merely stick your clumpy or exhausting 4 Gauge right into a blender, and mix it till it’s again to powder type.

Then you may return the powder to its shotgun shell container and expertise skin-splitting muscle pumps as regular.

Break Up Your 4 Gauge With A Knife 

That is the one time we’ll advise you to stab one thing with a knife…

Principally, in case your 4 Gauge isn’t rock stable, it may be damaged up with a knife (when you don’t have a blender). Though it received’t be fully again to powder type, it’ll assist you to scoop sufficient 4 Gauge to have the ability to eat servings.


Is 4 Gauge Protected & Efficient After Turning Clumpy? – “pre workout powder is hard”

Fast reply: ‘Yes’.

As we talked about at first, the powder in 4 Gauge can take in moisture from the air (attributable to being hygroscopic). However this doesn’t have an effect on the protection or effectiveness of those dietary supplements in any respect.

The one drawback can be when you can’t decide the correct serving sizes; this might end in your taking an overdose of the pre exercise, which might result in jitters.

Consequently, in case your pre exercise turns clumpy or exhausting, it’s essential that you simply nonetheless decide your serving sizes appropriately. However as you may safely take a ‘double serving’ of 4 Gauge, you received’t have this drawback with our premium product.