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protein in urine dipstick

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The urine protein dipstick take a look at measures the presence of proteins, corresponding to albumin, in a urine pattern.

Albumin and protein can be measured utilizing a blood take a look at.


Different Names

Urine protein; Albumin – urine; Urine albumin; Proteinuria; Albuminuria


How the Take a look at is Carried out

After you present a urine pattern, it’s examined. The well being care supplier makes use of a dipstick made with a color-sensitive pad. The colour change on the dipstick tells the supplier the extent of protein in your urine.

If wanted, your supplier could ask you to gather your urine at residence over 24 hours. Your supplier will let you know how to do that. Observe directions precisely in order that the outcomes are correct.


The best way to Put together for the Take a look at

Completely different medicines can change the results of this take a look at. Earlier than the take a look at, inform your supplier which medicines you’re taking. DO NOT cease taking any medication earlier than speaking to your supplier.

The next might also intrude with take a look at outcomes:


How the Take a look at Will Really feel – “protein in urine dipstick”

The take a look at solely entails regular urination. There isn’t a discomfort.


Why the Take a look at is Carried out

This take a look at is most frequently accomplished when your supplier suspects you may have kidney illness. It could be used as a screening take a look at.

Though small quantities of protein are usually in urine, a routine dipstick take a look at could not detect them. A urine microalbumin take a look at could be carried out to detect small quantities of albumin within the urine that might not be detected on dipstick testing. If the kidney is diseased, proteins could also be detected on a dipstick take a look at, even when blood protein ranges are regular.


Regular Outcomes

For a random urine pattern, regular values are 0 to 14 mg/dL.

For a 24-hour urine assortment, the conventional worth is lower than 80 mg per 24 hours.

The examples above are frequent measurements for outcomes of those exams. Regular worth ranges could differ barely amongst completely different laboratories. Some labs use completely different measurements or take a look at completely different samples. Speak to your supplier in regards to the that means of your particular take a look at outcomes.

“protein in urine dipstick”