Vitamin B8 Deficiency Symptoms

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Biotin deficiency is relatively rare and harmless, and may be treated with supplements. This deficiency may be caused by excess consumption of raw egg whites (because of their elevated levels of avidin protein). In children, genetically based metabolic anomalies may be behind biotin deficiency.
Signs of vitamin B8 deficiency:

Skin inflammation and hypersensitivity (redness around the eyes, nose, and mouth);


Hair loss;

Absence or loss of pigment in the hair;

Muscle soreness;

Loss of appetite;


Neurological disorders (depression, fatigue, hallucinations, and tingling hands and feet);

Increase in blood cholesterol levels;

Decrease in blood hemoglobin, which could lead to anemia.

Adverse Effects

No harmful effects have been tied to excessive biotin intake. Interactions

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Natural health products or vitamin supplements:


Drugs that may result in a vitamin B8 deficiency:

Some antibiotics;

Some drugs used to treat epilepsy.
Your pharmacist can help you choose the solution that’s best for you based on your health and any drugs you take. Other names

Vitamin B8, Biotin, vitamin H.

Vitamin B8: Know Health Benefits And Deficiency Symptoms

In the video, Luke Coutinho states that doctors often prescribe inositol or vitamin B8, or vitamin B complex along with diabetes medication.
The hormones serotonin and dopamine play a crucial role in regulating our mood. For the secretion of serotonin and dopamine in the body, it requires vitamin B8. Luke Coutinho says, “Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication are your crutches to treat the symptoms but you need to look at vitamin deficiencies as well to cure the problem.”.
Taking vitamin B8 can help overcome fertility-related problems. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Ndtv does not claim responsibility for this information.

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What Is Vitamin B8?

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