Vitamin B8 Is Also Known As

If you’re here, then you probably Google’d: vitamin b8 is also known as. This subject along with many others are quite common. We will do our best to answer this and many other similar questions in this article which should ease your mind regarding this subject.


This deficiency may be caused by excess consumption of raw egg whites (because of their elevated levels of avidin protein). This deficiency appears as changes in immune system function and in a heightened susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections. Signs of vitamin B8 deficiency:

Skin inflammation and hypersensitivity (redness around the eyes, nose, and mouth);


Hair loss;

Absence or loss of pigment in the hair;

Muscle soreness;

Loss of appetite;


Neurological disorders (depression, fatigue, hallucinations, and tingling hands and feet);

Increase in blood cholesterol levels;

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Decrease in blood hemoglobin, which could lead to anemia.

Adverse Effects

Additional information

Speak with your pharmacist if you plan to take vitamin B8 supplements. Other names

Vitamin B8, Biotin, vitamin H.

What Is Vitamin B8?

Here’s an example from this source, in which one sentence claims that vitamin B7 is both Inositol and Biotin.
While sources might mistakenly make the claim that vitamin B8 is Biotin, it’s not. It is a vitamin-like substance and is a sugar that is both produced in the body and consumed through the foods we eat or through supplementation. There are different forms that vitamin B8 might appear in, known as isomers, but the two most common are Myo-Inositol and D-chiro-inositol.

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As a process, vitamin B8 is involved in the metabolism of all three of the macronutrients obtained from food: carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Similarly, it breaks down fats into chains of fatty acids; as such, it has been reported to have weight-loss benefits. It also plays a role in metabolizing amino acids, such as leucine, into usable proteins.
Though biotin deficiency is rare, those who present with this condition demonstrate impaired immune function, such as increased vulnerability to bacterial infections, as well as neurological symptoms, such as depression, hallucinations, and tingling in the hands and feet. These and other symptoms of deficiency, such as hair loss and metabolic problems, can often be treated with biotin supplementation.

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