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Vitamin C8


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buffered vitamin C. Vitamin C8 is less acidic and ideal for gastrointestinal challenges. Vitamin C8 is an antioxidant that comes in many different forms and claims regarding its effectiveness and bioavailability. Vitamin C8 uses a number of different buffered sources in order to provide you with the most versatile vitamin C supplement available.
Not all vitamin C products are created equal – For your body to truly get all the benefits of vitamin C, it needs to get it from more than one source. – Vitamin C8 is formulated with minerals bonded with vitamin C, a superior form called ascorbate.


Only Vitamin C8 offers eight assisted pathways of absorption and retention for 24 hours or more.
Vitamin C8 does even more for your health. Vitamin C8 helps enhance your immune strength, provides a good source of electrolytes, and replenishes your energy before or after workouts.

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It’s also less acidic, for enhanced gastrointestinal tolerance.
Vitamin C⁸ combines calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium, and sodium mineral ascorbates with ascorbyl palmitate to provide a full spectrum of powerful antioxidant benefits. Vitamin C⁸ does even more for your health: Vitamin C⁸ helps enhance your immune strength and is an excellent source of electrolytes which can replenish those lost through perspiration. It also delivers the antioxidant action of three cups worth of green tea per capsule.
What Makes VITAMIN C⁸ Grea.

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Fórmula única e completa fornece 527 mg de vitamina C por cápsula e combina uma vitamina C ascorbato mineral de alta potência elaborada com uma seleção adequada de nutracêuticos. A vitamina C contribui para o funcionamento normal do sistema imunitário durante e após exercício intenso.
Também contribui para o metabolismo energético normal e suporta o funcionamento normal do sistema nervoso, sistema imunológico e função psicológica. Nenhuma advertência

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Como um suplemento alimentar para adultos, 1 cápsula por di.

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