Vitamin D3 And K2 Benefits

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D+K2 – Putting Calcium In Balance

Did You Know That Alongside Calcium You Should Also Look Into Vitamins D And K2?

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 ensure that calcium is absorbed easily and reaches the bone mass, while preventing arterial calcification. Separately, K2 regulates normal blood clotting, whilst D3 supports a healthy immune system and supports muscle functio.

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2 Health Benefits

• Awareness around vitamin D deficiency has increased significantly in recent years; fortunately people are beginning to realise just how important this nutrient is for optimal health.
• One of the many roles of vitamin D is to support bone health. However, osteocalcin needs to be carboxylated before calcium can get into the bone. The carboxylation of osteocalcin is a vitamin K dependant process, making vitamin K essential for bone mineralization.
• If there is a deficiency of vitamin K and carboxylation doesn’t occur, then this can lead to high levels of uncarboxylated osteocalcin. As a result, not only is calcium not delivered to the bones, which can then become porous, but it is may be deposited in the arteries, which can become calcified and increase the risk of coronary heart disease. • Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown that vitamin K2 is a highly effective activator of osteocalcin.
• Dosages of 1000 IU vitamin D3 and 45 mcg vitamin K2 (MK7) are used in research to support the prevention of bone loss and demineralization. All rights reserved. See our terms & conditions for more detai.

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Vitamins and minerals are the essential micronutrients, which play several important functions in your body.

Better Together: Vitamin D3 And K2 Maximise Absorption

The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 has gained scientific and public attention recently due to their complementary effects. There has been an increase in promising research on the synergistic effect of combining these two vitamins in everyday supplements.
Both vitamins are fat-soluble and work together to metabolize calcium in your body by activating helpful proteins [3]. While vitamin D3 improves your calcium absorption [4], vitamin K2 allocates where that calcium can be used. When you aren’t getting enough calcium from your diet or supplementation, vitamin D may get the calcium it needs from your bones [5].
So in order to prevent the bones from weakening, vitamin K2 helps promote the calcification of your bones while regulating [6] and reducing [7] the damaging effect of the calcification and hardening of soft tissues (such as blood vessel walls or around the major organs). There is some evidence to suggest that taking the two vitamins together may help reduce the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis, or other chronic diseases like kidney or heart disease, though more research is needed in this area.

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