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Vitamin D3 Calcium K2

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and/or vitamin D (vitD) is key to the management of osteoporosis. Other supplements like vitamin K2 (VitK2) and magnesium (Mg) could contribute to the maintenance of skeletal health. This narrative review summarizes the most recent data on Ca, vitD, vitK2 and Mg supplementation and age-related bone and muscle loss.
Patients at risk of fracture with insufficient dietary intake and absorption could benefit from calcium supplementation, but it needs to be customized, taking into account possible side-effects and degree of adherence. However, data regarding the efficacy of vitK2 and Mg supplementation on bone are inconclusiv.

Ostrovit Vitamin D3 + K2 + Calcium 90 Tabs

OstroVit Vitamin D3 + K2 + calcium is a composition of vitamins derived from natural raw materials.
In combination with vitamin K2, it intensifies the strengthening of the skeletal system. It has the effect of increasing muscle strength and prevents loss of muscle tissue, accelerates fat burning and supports the slimming process. Calcium is needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth, and it helps muscles function properly.
Calcium additionally contributes to proper blood clotting and maintaining proper energy metabolism. This element helps maintain proper neurotransmission.

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What Are Vitamins D And K?

Vitamin D and vitamin K are essential, fat-soluble nutrients. Vitamin K is found in leafy greens, fermented legumes and vegetables, as well as in some fatty, animal-sourced foods, such as egg yolk, liver and cheese.

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