Vitamin D3 Benefits For Men

However, we will share with you as much information as possibly can about this subject so that you no longer have any questions left un-answered by the end of this article.

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps keep the bones, muscles, and teeth healthy. Outside of these months, vitamin D will mostly need to come from our diet, or from taking supplements.

The Bottom Line.

* Luckily, vitamin D’s role in cognitive function, mood, and mental well-being has been a focused area of research over the past few years.

First off, vitamin D receptors and metabolites are found throughout the brain, indicating vitamin D has an important role in brain function and health. * This fact was further proved in a 2020 review that revealed sufficient vitamin D levels can promote mental well-being, uplift mood, and support cognitive vitality. *)

Even more recently, it was found that vitamin D works closely with the pineal gland to help regulate serotonin and melatonin levels (two hormones vital to mental well-being and good sleep).

It’Ll Fortify Your Body

You’re never going to drive your 5-a-side team to victory if you shy away from 50-50 tackles. Luckily, Vitamin D calcium-clads your bones to boost their strength and help fight fractures. Try this three-move workout to build invincible bones in 20 minutes.

You’Ll Boost Your Testosterone

You might have heard about the benefits of “juicing” down the gym – and we’re not talking about cold presses. However, dodgy locker room deals aren’t necessary. Research conducted by the Medical University of Graz found total testosterone levels increased in men who supplemented Vitamin D over the course of a year.
It’ll Protect Your Heart

With 160,000 people succumbing to heart disease in the UK last year, CVD is something you need to take very seriously. Harvard University research discovered a direct link between vitamin D and a reduced risk of coronary issues. Pop a pill and use these 8 simple heart-helping tips to keep you ticker trim.
If your six-pack resembles more of a keg, use this 15-minute complete core circuit to carve out something more impressive when it comes to the big reveal. It’s scary stuff, but with extra Vitamin D you can reduce your risk of falling foul. For even more protection, make sure you avoid these 7 surprising causes of cancer to safeguard yourself against future health scares.

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