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help me sleep better and that is it. I have heard of the benefits of men taking zinc and magnesium before. Sleep is such an important recovery factor and helps us mentally recover from the day before.
I assumed that was the norm, to feel brittle until i took these. Thank you very much to Nu U for making a great product and suitable for vegetarians. I have started working out again now that i am 30, and these really help me sleep well so my muscles recover in my sleep, and my bones also feel good because of the calciu.

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Other supplements like vitamin K2 (VitK2) and magnesium (Mg) could contribute to the maintenance of skeletal health. Ca supplementation alone is not recommended for fracture prevention in the general postmenopausal population. Patients at risk of fracture with insufficient dietary intake and absorption could benefit from calcium supplementation, but it needs to be customized, taking into account possible side-effects and degree of adherence.
Data suggest that VitK2 supplementation might improve bone quality and reduce fracture risk in osteoporotic patients, potentially enhancing the efficacy of Ca ┬▒ vitD. Mg deficiency could negatively influence bone and muscle health. However, data regarding the efficacy of vitK2 and Mg supplementation on bone are inconclusiv.

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