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Together with D 3 , vitamin K 2 and magnesium should be supplemented to prevent long-term health risks. Follow up clinical randomized trials are required to verify the current circumstantial evidence.
Keywords: Vitamin D, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Mortality rate, Immunology

Methodology One of the basic principles that is used to combine valuable scientific findings and knowledge from often interdisciplinary domains is called systems analysis. Causal loop diagrams (CLDs) functioned as a tool to illustrate the principle of causality of 25(OH)D serum levels on the human metabolism and form the basis for systems analysis (Mabin et al., 2006). Such causal loop diagrams are powerful instruments for problem identification and problem resolving purposes by breaking down a comprehensive system into fragments in order to enhance its comprehensibility (Haraldsson, 2004).
Visualizing concepts makes it much easier to understand complex correlations and casualties (i.e. Cause and effect mechanisms). The problem (in this case immune systems that have difficulties coping with COVID-19) stands in the center of the systems analysis.
Data on the impact of vitamin D 3 on the immune system have been collected and elaborated in the results and discussion section. This publication illustrated the metabolic mechanisms behind that observed phenomenon. Ethics approval and consent to participate Not applicable.
Consent of publication Not applicable. Availability of data and materials Data sharing not applicable to this article as no datasets were generated or analysed during the current study. Funding Not applicable.

Ostrovit Vitamin D3 4000 + K2 100 Tabs

OstroVit Vitamin D3 4000 + K2 is a dietary supplement in the form of tablets containing a composition of vitamins D and K, derived from natural raw materials. 200 servings in the package

1 serving = 0.5 tablet

The addition of vitamin K2 as a result of the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis natto bacteria.

Ostrovit Vitamin D3 And K2

Vitamin K2 MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2 available to the highest degree by our body.
He is responsible for the correct transport of calcium from the blood to bone tissue, which allows for the maintenance of healthy and strong bones. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D in helps in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, as well as helps in the proper functioning of the muscles and immune system. The product should not be consumed by people taking anticoagulants containing vitamin K antagonists (e.g. Warfarin and acenocoumarol).

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