Vitamin D3 Vegan Liquid

Why Supplementwith Vitamin D3?

The NHS consider Vitamin D3 as an ‘essential’ supplement for everyone between the months of September – Apri.


Vegetarian – contains no meat or fish. No Gluten – not certified, but contains no gluten containing ingredients Low Sugar – less than 5g sugar/100g in food.

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Vitamin D contributes to the absorption and normal use of calcium and phosphorus . Vitamin D contributes to normal serum calcium . Vitamin D helps maintain a normal bone structure .
Vitamin D helps maintain normal muscle function . Indication

Lichens are small plant species growing wild in Canada, Scandinavia and Ireland. Because of their northern origin where light is scarce part of the year and their unique characteristics such as surviving in extreme climates, lichens have developed the ability to produce the nutrients they need to grow, including tall vitamin D3 levels.

Shake the bottle before use. Take 1 drop of liquid vitamin D3 (directly on the tongue or on a spoon) for 1 month. Keep out of reach of children.
Keep away from heat and moisture.

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