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00 IU (2-3 full droppers) of this product 5-7 days/week for about 3 months and then had my vitamin D tested again. That’s a pretty disappointing result in my opinion, especially considering how much I was taking and the cost of this supplement. (I do take the product with a little bit of fat to try to increase absorption but it didn’t seem to help) I previously took

(4000 daily) and my numbers went up from 23 to 31 which was better but still not great.
So I recently ordered

to try and will update my results after a few months. I was looking to switch to a vegan, non-GMO D3 and have used Nordic Naturals brand in the past and consider it a trusted brand. Though I appear to be in the minority based on other reviews, I really hate the taste and dread taking it.
But my biggest issue is with the dosing method. The dropper does not reliably suck up and disperse 50ml at a time. If I get it to the 50 ml line, invariably there is still product left in the dropper after I release it into my mouth.
(A spray would be much more reliable and easier to administer)

The other issue is dose per serving. I previously used Megafood D3 and wasn’t getting the results I’d hoped for, so if this product performs better I’d consider continuing to use it. I’ll report back here with my result.

Vitamina D3 Vegan 1000 Ui – 30Ml – Nordic Naturals

Para obter melhores resultados, coloque no frigorífico e utilize dentro de três meses após a abertura. Ingredientes

Por 0,5 ml: Vitamina D3 – 1000 UI

Modo De Utilização

Crianças com 5 anos ou mais, tomar 1 ou 2 cápsulas por dia às refeições. Pode conter vestígios de soja.
Conservar em ambiente seco e fresco, ao abrigo da luz solar. Este produto não substitui um regime alimentar variado. Não recomendado em caso de hipersensibilidade ou alergia a qualquer um dos constituintes da formulaçã.

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Esta fórmula líquida à base de plantas está na forma natural de vitamina D (colecalciferol), a mesma forma que nosso corpo produz da luz solar e a forma que nosso corpo absorve melhor. Não deve ser excedida a toma diária indicada. Este produto não substitui um regime alimentar variado.


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