Vitamin E Aloe Vera Gel

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Moreover it does not feel like aloevera at all. This is filled with glycerin and other chemicals. It also gives a burning sensation everytime I put in on my face.
Moreover, the pump stopped working after a couple of uses.

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Massage in a circular motion to get soft and supple skin. Liberally apply all over the face and neck. Aloe Vera contains 99% of pure organic Aloe Vera along with Chamomile that moisturizes and soothes skin. It also contains Radish Root Extract which helps in controlling acne and pimples. It also promotes hair growth, reduces itchiness, redness, and dandruff on the scalp.

➡️ Does This Product Help In Fighting Acne?

This aloe vera gel by Thyme Organic is infused with vitamin E and can be used on skin and hair. Similarly, vitamin E is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that can help with the faster healing of acne and acne scars. This aloe vera gel by Thyme Organic enriched with vitamin E works wonders on both your skin and hair.
You can apply this gel to your hair as an overnight treatment.

➡️ Could You Give Me The Complete Ingredient List?

Thyme Organic Aloe Vera Gel doesn’t contain artificial fragrances. This gel can be used by teenager.

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