Vitamin E Foods For Beard Growth

Why Certain Foods Can Promote Beard Growth

It means that certain foods play a major role in beard growth. These foods perform such a function for your beard because the facial growth process is fully regulated by DHT and testosterone – both of which are known for being male hormones. You can eat certain foods that can significantly increase the level of such hormones in your body.

How Does Vitamin D Help With Beard Growth?

Vitamin D promotes beard growth by balancing the hormones and triggering the production of testosterone, which is responsible for facial hair growth (Ageless nutrition). Vitamin D is also a responsible factor in the creation of new hair follicles. Medical science states that people with lower levels of Vitamin D are more likely to experience early hair loss.
Vitamin B

There are eight B Vitamins, as a group is called B Complex Vitamins.

Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Beard

From being anti-beardruff to a perfect beard moisturizer, vitamin E oil can seemingly do it all. ↓

Vitamin E Oil Preserves and Protects Volatile Beard Oil Ingredients

Vitamin E is a blanket term for various different fat-soluble antioxidants (α, β, γ, δ-tocopherols & tocotrienols) which work by preventing the oxidative damage of oils and fats.
However, once you take the oil out of the dropper and put it into your face and beard, it will instantly be exposed to all the three things that oxidize it. Bottom line: Every beard oil bottle should have a small amount of vitamin E oil in it to protect the volatile oils from lipid-peroxidation. Bottom line: As a natural antioxidant, vitamin E oil is amazing for skin nourishment and hydration.
It also wards of beard dandruff and flakiness through multiple mechanisms. Vitamin E Might Help with Beard Growth

It’s unclear whether topical vitamin E oil could help your facial hair growth, but at least we know that oral supplementation with vitamin E (400mg/day) can increase testosterone levels in both humans and rodents. Bottom line: At least oral vitamin E supplements can support your facial hair growth through increased testosterone levels.

What Kind Of Vitamin E Oil Is Best For Facial Hair Use?

The one that is universally considered the best one for skin and beard use is the natural d-alpha-tocopherol extracted from wheat germ oil. I personally use and recommend this Naissance Vitamin E Oil (derived from wheat germ oil) over the synthetic vitamin E oils and the ones sourced from sunflower seed oil or soybean oil. If you want to also include oral vitamin E supplementation that could help your beard growth by increasing testosterone levels, then my suggestion would be either the Ultimate-E from Thorne Nutraceuticals or a tocotrienol blend called Toco-Sorb from Jarrow’s.
Bottom line: Wheat germ oil-based vitamin E oil is the best one to use on the beard topically. You can still apply it directly to the skin too if you want to, just pour or drip 2-5 drops into your palm, rub together and apply all over your beard and skin as you would with regular beard oil. It moisturizes well and can also ward off beard itch and beard dandruff.
And lastly, as a natural antioxidant, vitamin E preserves volatile carrier and essential oils from going rancid, so adding it to any beard oil formulation should be a no-brainer. You Might Also Like.

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