Vitamin E For Hair Loss Treatment

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What Can Vitamin E Do For Your Hair?

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What Is Vitamin E Known For?

The fat-soluble antioxidant is vital for maintaining healthy skin and a strong immune system. Keep reading to learn how the skin-boosting properties of vitamin E may be used to improve hair health and promote growt.

1. Vitamin A

All cells need vitamin A for growth.
This includes hair, the fastest growing tissue in the human body. Sebum moisturizes the scalp and helps keep hair healthy Diets deficient in vitamin A may lead to several problems, including hair loss While it’s important to get enough vitamin A, you don’t want too much. Studies show that too much vitamin A can also contribute to hair loss Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, spinach, and kale are all high in beta-carotene, which is turned into vitamin A. Vitamin A can also be found in animal products such as milk, eggs, and yogurt.
Shop now at Amazon Summary Your hair needs vitamin A to stay moisturized and grow.

What Can Vitamin E Do For Hair?

People have claimed that vitamin E offers several benefits for hair health, but many of these claims lack rigorous scientific evidence to back them up. Most of the claims about vitamin E’s role in hair health relate to its antioxidant properties.
Help prevent hair loss There is some limited evidence to support the claim that vitamin E can help prevent hair loss. Increased shine According to some people, vitamin E can help replenish shine that the hair loses as a result of damage. Chemicals, heat, and other styling products can all damage the hair.
A person can restore shine using oils, which provide an extra layer of protection to the skin and hair.

The Ayurvedic View Of Vitamin E

In scientific terms, Vitamin E refers to a family of eight compounds as four Tocopherols (α, β, γ, δ) and four Tocotrienols (α, β, γ, δ) [1]. These are fat-soluble antioxidants that protect your hair follicle cells from the damage caused by free-radicals in the body.
The underlying scenario of hair problems due to a deficiency of essential nutrients like vitamin E is evaluated as below in Ayurveda:

When your diet lacks sufficient amounts of Vitamin E, it causes an imbalance in your Vata dosha level. It is indicated by scalp inflammation and premature greying. When there is an imbalance in your Kapha dosha, problems arise due to improper blood circulation to your hair follicles, which fail to receive sufficient Vitamin E from the blood.
“In fact, the functioning of Vitamin E has a direct correlation to Bhrajaka Pitta (a subtype of Pitta Dosha), which regulates the activity of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues according to Ayurvedic wisdom,’’ explains Dr. Zeel. Hence, it is critical to understand the current state of your dosha levels in the body to add the right diet and Ayurvedic herbal ingredients into your haircare arsenal, which in turn will address the Vitamin E deficiency while restoring your dosha balance.

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