Vitamin E Iu 400

Vitamina E 400 Iu – 100 Cápsulas – Good Care

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Doenças degenerativas. Eczemas e psoríase. Reforça o sistema imunitário.
Impede a oxidação dos lípidos. Prevenção de doenças cardiovasculares e degenerativas. *VRN – Valor de Referência do Nutriente


Agentes de Revestimento: Gelatina, Glicerol, Agente de Volume: Óleo de soja; D-Alfatocoferol mais tocoferóis beta, gama e delta.
Dosagem e Administração:

Tomar 1 cápsula por dia, de preferência com uma refeição. Apresentação:

Frasco de 100 cápsulas moles


Conservar em local fresco, seco e ao abrigo da luz. Não exceder a toma diária recomendada.
Evite o produto em caso de alergia ou sensibilidade a algum dos ingredientes.

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Shipping cost

For the orders that the value and the product weight doesn’t exceed 39€ and 4kg , the transport cost is 2€ . In any other case that the product weight of the order exceed 4kg, there is an extra charge 0.90€ for each additional kg.
The return of products is accompanied by the return of the corresponding document.

Why Do People Take Vitamin E?

Cardiovascular studies also suggest that patients with diabetes or cardiovascular disease who take natural vitamin E at 400 IU per day have an increased risk of heart failure and heart failure-related hospitalization. A large population study showed that men using a multivitamin more than seven times per week in conjunction with a separate vitamin E supplement actually had a significantly increased risk of developing prostate cancer.
When inhaled in a vaping product vitamin E acetate may be responsible for e-cigarette, or vaping, product-use associated lung injury (EVALI).

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Vitamin E?

Overdoses of vitamin E supplements can cause nausea, headache, bleeding, fatigue, and other symptoms. People who take blood thinners or other medicines should not take vitamin E supplements without first talking to their healthcare provide.

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