Vitamin E Jojoba Oil

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It’s light consistency makes it easy to apply on the skin with just a few drops. After using it for more than a week, I am already seeing improvement on my skin tone too. I was expecting it to be shiny as well but no, it didn’t leave a greasy effect nor made my face shinier.
Aside from the face and scalp, I also tried on my hang nails and my fingers are more soft than ever with very minimal dry cuticle left.

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The oil stimulates blood microcirculation and strengthens skin firmness and elasticity.
Jojoba oil has very high biological compatibility with the skin, and therefore is easily absorbed by the skin and hair. Appling bio-jojoba oil, directly on hair, moisturize dry skin, fight down dandruff and restore natural hair shine. Application:

Recommended for daily care of the whole body and hair.
The oil can be used directly in an appropriate amount on the skin (face or the whole body), and on hair and scalp. After applying the oil, is recommended to make a gentle massage. The oil can also be used for the production of professional cosmetics and at home, and also for treatments in beauty salons, hairdressers and massage parlors.
Dermatologically TESTED. Natural cosmetic oils MACROVITA contain pure plant oils. Most of them are organic oils with organic certificate.
As antioxidants, vitamins effectively fight free radicals, helping maintain proper functioning of the antioxidant system of the skin, prevent its flabbiness and dehydration. Cosmetic oils MACROVITA are produced by cold pressing, what prevent the most valuable components from damaging by heat.

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