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What Is Biotin Hair Oil?

Is biotin oil good for hair growth? Manufacturers claim that shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, masks, and creams containing biotin can thicken hair, increase fullness, and add shine. A handful of research studies have shown that biotin supplementation may help stimulate hair regrowth in people who have a clinical biotin deficiency or alopecia (hair loss).

Is biotin hair oil safe? Biotin supplements are generally safe to take, but they can interfere with certain lab results. Thus, keep your healthcare provider in the loop of any supplements you take that may contain this vitamin.

Can I apply biotin directly to my hair? When applied topically, the formula is able to be directly supplied to your hair roots and doesn’t have to make the journey from your internal system to the scalp. So, if you do not wish to consume oral supplements, liquid biotin can be applied topically for similar results.

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How does biotin help hair?

After all, many products advertise biotin as a hair growth booster. “No studies have proven that biotin supplements will change the appearance of your hair, skin or nails,” Barth says. “But some people find that taking a biotin supplement helps them boost hair and nail growth.

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