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What Vitamin C Good For Pregnant Woman

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Why You Want Vitamin C Throughout Being pregnant

Each you and your child want vitamin C every day as a result of your our bodies use it to make collagen, a structural protein that is a part of cartilage, tendons, bones, and pores and skin. Vitamin C additionally helps your physique soak up iron, particularly from vegetarian sources.

How A lot Vitamin C Do Pregnant Girls Want?

Pregnant girls ages 18 and youthful: 80 milligrams (mg) per day

Pregnant girls ages 19 and older: 85 mg per day

Breastfeeding girls ages 18 and youthful: 115 mg per day

Breastfeeding girls ages 19 and older: 120 mg per day

Nonpregnant girls ages 18 and youthful: 65 mg per day

Nonpregnant girls ages 19 and older: 75 mg per day

Greatest meals with vitamin C throughout being pregnant

Citrus fruits in all probability soar to thoughts – they’re particularly excessive in vitamin C – however leafy greens and plenty of different fruit and veggies are additionally wonderful sources.
Additionally, needless to say some cereals and juices are fortified with vitamin C.

Vitamin C additionally helps maximize the quantity of iron you get from the opposite meals you eat. (You want much more iron throughout being pregnant, and it may be arduous to get sufficient.). That is why it is a good suggestion to attempt to embrace a vitamin C-rich meals with each meal.
There’s normally no have to take a separate complement. You’ll be able to simply get the vitamin C you want from fruit and veggies, and your prenatal nutritional vitamins additionally include vitamin C.

It isn’t a good suggestion to take giant doses of vitamin C once you’re pregnant. Extreme vitamin C can upset your abdomen, and extra research are wanted to know how these dietary supplements may have an effect on being pregnant outcomes.

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With all of those advantages in thoughts, chances are you’ll be questioning in case you ought to take a vitamin C complement throughout being pregnant — particularly in case you’re hoping to strengthen your immune system throughout chilly and flu season.

Why Is Vitamin C Vital Throughout Being pregnant?

You want it for tissue restore and wound therapeutic, and it helps your child’s bones and enamel develop, too.

How A lot Vitamin C Do Pregnant Girls Want?

To place this into perspective, a 6-ounce glass of OJ plus 1 cup strawberries will ship greater than double your every day dose of vitamin C. Intention to include three servings of vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies per day and also you’ll be effectively in your method. Greatest vitamin C-rich meals for pregnant girls

Whenever you hear “vitamin C,” you possible suppose oranges — however you may also look past the citrus fruit and its juice to the numerous different tasty C-rich fruit and veggies. Listed below are a number of wholesome meals that will help you get your fill:

Pink bell pepper: 95 mg per ½ cup uncooked

Orange juice: 93 mg per ¾ cup

Orange: 70 mg per medium fruit

Grapefruit juice: 70 mg per ¾ cup

Kiwi: 64 mg per medium fruit

Inexperienced bell pepper: 60 mg per ½ cup uncooked

Broccoli: 51 mg per ½ cup cooked

Strawberries: 49 mg per ½ cup sliced

Brussels sprouts: 48 mg per ½ cup cooked

Grapefruit: 39 mg per half medium fruit

Vitamin C helps the physique soak up iron, so it is good to eat C-rich meals alongside those who include iron, resembling hen with crimson bell peppers or fish with Brussels sprouts.

Can You Take Vitamin C Dietary supplements Throughout Being pregnant?

The newest analysis on taking vitamin C whereas pregnant is combined and restricted, and the World Well being Group (WHO) doesn’t advocate including a further vitamin C complement to your prenatal. In the event you’re involved that you just’re getting sufficient vitamin C by way of food plan, ask your practitioner if a vitamin C complement is best for you.

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