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Vitamin D3 500 I.U. – 100 capsules


Vitamin D3: solar vitamin

Vitamin D has been given the nickname “sun vitamin” as a result of it may be produced by the physique itself. To do that, it wants the solar’s UV-B radiation. An fascinating synthesis takes place within the higher layers of the pores and skin when uncovered to enough daylight: UV-B radiation converts a type of ldl cholesterol into vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Within the liver, D3 is then transformed into calcidiol, the storage type of vitamin D. It’s accessible within the blood for about 15 days and, if essential, calcitriol, the lively type of vitamin D, is constructed from it within the kidneys.


Operate of vitamin D

On the one hand, vitamin D has the duty of absorbing calcium from the intestines, in order that the physique at all times has a standard blood calcium stage. This calcium is required for bone and tooth mineralisation and for muscle perform.
Alternatively, vitamin D performs an necessary position within the immune system, because it prompts the killer cells of the defence system.


Vitamin D deficiency

Though the physique is ready to produce vitamin D itself, vitamin D deficiency is widespread as a result of the pores and skin is much less and fewer uncovered to direct daylight nowadays. Consider our aged folks, for instance, whose every day lives are rarely spent exterior.
The quantity of vitamin D produced additionally relies on the local weather, the quantity of direct daylight, the variety of pigments within the pores and skin, the time of yr, using sunscreen merchandise and age.

With Fairvital’s meals complement you possibly can forestall a vitamin D deficiency or preserve a standard vitamin D stage in your blood. Every capsule accommodates 500 I.U. (12.5µg) cholecalciferol.


Meals containing vitamin D – “vitamin d 500iu”

Sadly, vitamin D is just present in restricted quantities in meals. The very best sources are, for instance, high-fat fish reminiscent of herring or salmon, egg, cheese and butter, in addition to mushrooms, avocado and margarine enriched with vitamin D.

Vitamin D is current in animal and vegetable meals in two completely different varieties: Animal-based sources present vitamin D3, whereas plant-based sources include vitamin D2. Basically, the physique can convert vitamin D2 into vitamin D3 very nicely, however the effectiveness of vitamin D3 is healthier as a result of the physique can use it straight.


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