Vitamin D3 Quality

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Iency are highly prevalent worldwide and thought to potentiate a variety of chronic disease states, including diabetes, cancer, and depression. Little is known regarding the effect of vitamin D supplementation on quality of life. The purpose of this article was to systematically review the literature regarding quality-of-life outcomes from vitamin D supplementation in healthy and clinical populations.
Clinical trials of vitamin D supplementation, where quality-of-life outcomes were reported, were selected from Medline and Web of Science databases. Inclusion criteria were English language articles available online (published between 1950 and May 2014), primary research articles, studies conducted on human beings, and treatment/supplementation with vitamin D. Articles were excluded if they involved topical vitamin D application or implicit cotreatment with other vitamins (eg, multivitamins). Articles selected for review were examined for process and methodologic quality using validated methodologies.
Interventions were highly variable in terms of study population (eg, healthy/diseased, children/elderly, and baseline vitamin D status) vitamin D dose, and duration of follow-up. Vitamin D supplementation was not associated with significant changes in quality of life. However, the evidence for a beneficial effect of long-term vitamin D supplementation on health-related quality of life is lackin.

Label Accuracy

6 of the 19 products in this report exceeded their label claims by greater than 40%. The average label variance in this testing batch was 22%.

Do You Need To Take A Vitamin D Supplement?

As a result, “most adults would benefit from a vitamin D supplement depending on factors such as age, skin tone, where you live, and whether you have certain medical conditions,” Dr. Levitan explains.
“If you live in a very sunny state and spend plenty of time outside and eat plenty of fatty fish, you probably don’t need a supplement,” Largeman-Roth says.

How To Choose The Best Vitamin D Supplement

As with all supplements, not every bottle of vitamin D is created equal. Don’t go dose crazy.
More isn’t always better, and very high amounts (think, more than 4,000 IU daily) can actually be toxic. Another study concluded that liposomal vitamin D—the kind delivered with certain lipids—can also enhance absorption. But if you’d rather just take a pill, you’ll still benefit, Largeman-Roth says.
Look for trusted verifications. Choose products that have been verified by independent certifiers, like the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) or NSF International, all three experts say. Either verification ensures that you’re getting the amount of D listed on the product label, without a side of unwanted ingredients or additives.

Ready To Pick Up A Bottle Of The Sunshine Vitamin?

Here are the best vitamin D supplements, according to experts.

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