Vitamin E Containing Foods

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20 Foods High In Vitamin E

If you don’t get enough, you may become more prone to infections, experience impaired eyesight or suffer from muscle weakness. This daily value (DV) is selected as a reference on nutrition labels in the US and Canada.

1. Sunflower Seeds

A 100-gram (g) serving of sunflower seeds contains 35.17 milligrams (mg) of vitamin E. Sunflower seeds are packed with a variety of nutrients and can help a person get enough fiber to keep their digestive system healthy.

Why You Need Vitamin

As a fat-soluble vitamin, your body also stores excess vitamin E you consume to use when needed. Research also shows that low vitamin E levels at birth can adversely affect a baby’s developing nervous system. Getting enough vitamin E in your diet may benefit:

Your Immune System

As you age, your immune system’s ability to fight off infection and disease may decline.
The antioxidants in vitamin E — especially one called alpha-Tocopherol — have been shown to enhance our body’s immune response. However, studies show that maintaining recommended levels of Vitamin E may promote healthy eye function that reduces your risk of developing these condition.

#1: Sunflower Seeds

Vitamin E foods, like the ones listed below, are considered to be safe and healthy.
The current Daily Value (DV) for vitamin E is 15m.

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