Vitamin Good For Lungs

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Which Vitamins Are Good For Lung Health?

Vitamin A A fat-soluble nutrient, vitamin A is one of the vital vitamins to strengthen the lungs. It also boosts an individual’s immunity, thereby helping in the regeneration of cells in his/her body. Some of the common sources of this important vitamin for the lungs include fish, fortified cereals, carrots, dairy products, squash, broccoli, and cantaloupe.
An adequate intake of vitamin C daily boosts the immunity of an individual. Moreover, pollution and smoking result in the presence of toxins and free radicals in one’s lungs. This can result in inflammation in the body.
In fact, citrus fruits, which contain high amounts of vitamin C, help fight against these toxins and free radicals. Additionally, it allows your body to undergo repairs by further lowering the rate of damage in the lung tissues. Vitamin D Besides protecting an individual against respiratory infections, Vitamin D helps to reduce the risks of COPD flare-ups.
Apart from being one of the top vitamins for the lungs, it also strengthens the bones and teeth of an individual. Low levels of this vitamin can raise the risks of bronchitis, asthma, wheezing, and other respiratory ailments. Individuals can obtain sufficient amounts of this vitamin through sunlight.
Some food sources containing high levels of vitamin D include egg yolks, salmon, sardines, tuna, and oysters. Additionally, exposure to sunlight is important to acquire this sunshine vitami.


Taking vitamin D-3 supplements for COPD can also protect against moderate or severe flare-ups.
Vitamin C Researchers have linked low levels of vitamin C to increases in shortness of breath, mucus, and wheezing. Vitamin E Studies suggest that people experiencing a flare-up of COPD symptoms tend to have lower levels of vitamin E than people whose COPD is stable. Other studies suggest that long-term use of vitamin E supplements may help prevent COPD.


Researchers have identified the following minerals for COPD treatment and support: 5. Calcium Calcium can help the lungs function, but some COPD medications may cause people to lose calcium. This makes it even more important for people with COPD to consider increasing calcium-rich foods in their diet.
Even though prescription drugs cannot reverse the gradual decline in breathing capacity, they can help people with COPD manage their symptoms.

Best Vitamins For Lung Health And Breathing Support:

You may be wondering if it’s possible to cleanse and detox your lungs. The answer is yes, you can — with limitations, of course.
The best methods for cleansing your lungs can occur naturally. While the the best methods for cleansing your lungs can occur naturally, there are some vitamins and supplements that may help.

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