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Step 1. Know How A lot Calcium You Want Every Day

For sturdy bones for all times, you want a certain quantity of calcium daily. That is your “recommended daily calcium intake.” Discover how a lot you want by studying this chart.

*Really useful Dietary Allowances, Institute of Drugs, 2010

It’s uncommon, however some individuals who take drugs might have barely extra calcium than listed above. That is additionally true for folks with a medical situation. Remember to speak along with your well being care supplier. Discover out in case you want extra calcium for these causes.

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Step 2. Estimate the Calcium within the Meals You Eat in a Common Day

The quantity of calcium in meals varies relying on the manufacturers you purchase. You will need to learn labels.

Do your meals labels checklist calcium content material in milligrams (mg) per serving? In that case, add up the milligrams to learn how a lot calcium you absorb every day.

In case your meals labels checklist calcium content material in % every day worth (%DV), drop the % and change it with a “0.” This may aid you learn how many mg of calcium you get in every serving. For instance: 20% calcium=200 mg calcium.

For the meals listed under, fill within the variety of servings you eat on a ordinary day.


Step 3. Determine How a lot Calcium you Want – “4 calcium to mg”

For sturdy bones for all times, you want the really useful every day calcium consumption. Take Your Really useful Each day Calcium Consumption (from Step 1)__________ mg

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Subtract Your Estimated Each day Calcium within the Meals You Eat (from Step 2)__________ mg

Equals = Extra Calcium Wanted =__________ mg


Step 4. Estimate Your Whole Each day Calcium Consumption (If You Take Dietary supplements)


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