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Best High Zinc Motor Oil

The most commonly used zinc-based additive, ZDDP, is scientifically known as zinc dialkyldithiophosphate. Its primary function is to reduce engine wear. Its secondary yet still useful job provides oxidation and corrosion protection. Amsoil Motor Oil with Zinc is the best for older cars that you can use to get the most out of your favorite hot rod. Classic car enthusiasts have had a difficult time with the significant decrease in the use of ZDDDP in modern engines. It was discovered that catalytic converters were affected by the change in recent engine oil formulations, and it had been phased out.

What Oil Has The Highest Zddp?

The Mobil 1TM FS 0W-40 oil has already got a higher ZDDP (1,000 ppm) which may be able to support your flat tappet engine.

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We also have a Mobil 1TM High Mileage 10W-40 (1,000 ppm) product guide, which includes the phosphorous content for all Mobul 1M synthetic motor oils.

Does Rotella Oil Contain Zinc?

Shell Rotella engine oils, such as T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil, contain around 1200 ppm of zinc, which is particularly useful for engines that are older or have high performance characteristics.
At the time of manufacture, Rotella 1540 has 1200 ppm zinc and 1100 PPm phosphorus.
According to the manufacturer, the 15W/40 Rotella T with Triple Protection oil contains 1200pp of zinc and 11pp phosphorus in the oil.
The oil is best suited for older engines with high reliability and older ones with older, high-performance characteristics.

How Much Zddp Is Enough?

If the concentration is between 0.18 and 0.2 percent by weight, ZDDP is the most effective. Tests have shown that concentrations above this threshold, up to several percent, have no effect on additive life other than to prolong additive lives.

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What Motor Oil Has The Most Zinc In It?

Valvoline VR1 Racing Motor Oil has the most zinc content compared to other motor oil brands.
Shell Rotella Engine Oil has a high zinc content but not more than other brands.
Your classic and high-performance cars will benefit from the increased zinc.
The amount ofZincine in theValvoline is 1400 ppm. So, you should go for it to shield your old engine from wear and sludge, so don’t wait for that. Zincine’s increased amount is 1400 ppm, so it will shield your classic cars from sludge.

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