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calcium nitrate fertilizer

Even gardeners with the greenest thumbs want slightly assist generally. Calcium nitrate fertilizer is usually a go-to selection of fertilizers to provide bigger greens, robust vegetation, and quicker progress. This soil or foliar additive can provide your vegetation a lift and make them extra productive whereas stopping a few of the most typical plant issues like blossom-end rot and rust spot. In some methods, calcium nitrate is a best-kept backyard secret.

When you’ve by no means used calcium nitrate fertilizer and need to study extra, this text will stroll you thru what calcium nitrate fertilizer is, whether it is proper in your vegetation, and how one can use it.


What Is Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer?

Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a water-soluble chemical answer that gives vegetation with supplemental calcium and nitrogen. These components are the physiological constructing blocks for robust, disease-resistant vegetation.

Calcium nitrate doesn’t happen in nature — it’s made by mixing inorganic calcium and nitrogen. That is accomplished by combining limestone and nitric acid, adopted by ammonia. Calcium nitrate fertilizers are most frequently utilized by farmers for higher crop manufacturing. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply the house gardener can’t or shouldn’t use calcium nitrate for his or her fruits, greens, and home vegetation.


How Do Calcium and Nitrogen Have an effect on Crops?

Calcium supplies structural power to vegetation’ cell partitions. This aspect additionally kicks in to assist restore vegetation once they develop into injured or careworn. The plant’s vascular system will push calcium to the injured space to bolster it and start to restore the harm.

Nitrogen is an important aspect for photosynthesis and vegetation’ amino acids. With out nitrogen, vegetation can not course of daylight into sugars for progress.


Why Use Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer?

As a gardener, you understand that dust is your plant’s constructing block of life. Crops pull their vitamins from their soil, however when that soil lacks sure vitamins, vegetation develop deficiencies. These deficiencies can have a profoundly damaging impact.

Calcium nitrate fertilizer acts as a treatment for sure plant deficiencies and illnesses. Listed here are a few of its most typical makes use of:

For calcium-deficient vegetation


Calcium nitrate fertilizer can be utilized to forestall a calcium deficiency or replenish a plant’s calcium ranges. The enhance in calcium it supplies helps enhance leaf power, fruit, and roots.

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A calcium deficiency in vegetation is pretty straightforward to identify. When a plant suffers from a calcium deficiency, its new progress develops a curly look alongside the margins. This new progress additionally develops brown “chlorotic” spots and appears depleted. Different plant tissues quickly start to show brown and these spots ultimately widen and merge. Calcium-deficient vegetation typically have darkish brown leaf veins, as properly. As soon as leaves flip brown from calcium deficiency, they’re a misplaced trigger. The plant, nonetheless, could be saved.

Moreover, calcium deficiencies hamper a plant’s fruit manufacturing. As a result of calcium creates robust cell partitions, it’s a elementary ingredient for bigger fruit that doesn’t break up.

For nitrogen-deficient vegetation

Calcium nitrate will give vegetation a dose of usable nitrogen to enhance vitality manufacturing.

A nitrogen deficiency, like a calcium deficiency, can even show deadly for vegetation if not handled in time. For this reason nitrogen is without doubt one of the most typical and plentiful elements in fertilizers.

In contrast to calcium deficiencies, nitrogen inadequacy impacts a plant’s oldest foliage. These leaves are sometimes those towards the underside of a plant. When a plant doesn’t have sufficient nitrogen, leaves will start to yellow or fade alongside their margins. If the plant remains to be producing new leaves, they may doubtless be tiny or seem shrunk.

With out sufficient nitrogen, a plant’s progress slows and even stops. It is because vegetation require nitrogen to provide vitality via photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, vegetation use nitrogen to show daylight into vitality.

For illness prevention

One of many fundamental the reason why many gardeners deal with their vegetation with calcium nitrate fertilizer is to guard their vegetation and crops from illness. Blossom finish rot, cork spot, and bitter pits in apples can all be prevented or handled with using calcium nitrate fertilizer.

Blossom finish rot is a standard drawback for tomato growers, which displays itself as damp spots on the underside of the fruit. Blossom finish rot will trigger a tomato to look unappealing and develop into inedible. Because the fruit grows, it should develop into sunken and tackle a troublesome, leathery look. It’s normally brought on by an absence of calcium availability and could be efficiently handled with a calcium nitrate foliar spray. You may as well deal with your soil with a calcium nitrate fertilizer to assist forestall blossom finish rot from changing into an issue once more subsequent rising season.

Cork spot and bitter pits are issues affecting apples, and each could be brought on by calcium deficiencies.  Cork spot usually begins to point out on apples in June and worsens because the summer time goes on. The issue seems as discolored depressions on the fruit, they usually can vary in measurement. Whereas they don’t have an effect on the style of the apple, they do intervene with its visible attraction. Bitter pit presents itself as pockmarks on the pores and skin of the apples and causes brown spots on the flesh of the fruit.

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Like cork spot, bitter pit makes the fruits look unappealing, however in contrast to cork spot, bitter pit does intervene with the style. Apples with bitter pit could have a bitter taste, and although they may nonetheless be completely suitable for eating, you’ll in all probability need to keep away from them. Each of those issues are related to an absence of calcium and could be remedied with using calcium nitrate fertilizer (SF Gate).

For tomatoes

Tomatoes are sometimes cited as the commonest victims of calcium deficiency-induced blossom-end rot. Many residence gardeners have gone out to test their newly creating tomatoes to search out small brown spots that rapidly unfold and destroy their crop. Making a calcium nitrate spray can forestall additional blossom-end rot and assist tomato vegetation recuperate from this illness.


Professionals & Cons of Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer


How one can Use Calcium Nitrate within the Backyard – “calcium nitrate fertilizer”

When you’re able to take your tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and different veggies to the following degree with calcium nitrate fertilizer, then pay cautious consideration to the way you combine and apply it. Right here you’ll be able to study extra in regards to the strategy of getting ready calcium nitrate fertilizer, making use of it to vegetation, and storing your fertilizer.

Advisable utility fee

To combine your personal calcium nitrate fertilizer for the remedy of diseased vegetation, add 4 tablespoons of calcium nitrate salts to at least one gallon of water, and blend. To make use of calcium nitrate fertilizer as a illness preventative, or to stability out the nutrient ranges in your vegetation, use one tablespoon of calcium nitrate to every gallon of water.

If you buy granular calcium nitrate fertilizer, you’ll be able to combine it into the soil. Alternatively, you could combine your granular calcium nitrate with water to feed your vegetation via root uptake or a foliar spray.

Mixing a Calcium Nitrate Spray. Your fertilizer packaging will doubtless include directions which keep in mind the focus of your specific product. Observe these directions fastidiously.

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Even with out directions, the ratio and instructions for making a calcium nitrate spray from granules is easy:

One inexperienced thumb guideline is to use one tablespoon of calcium nitrate to every moderately-sized plant you need to deal with.

Calcium Nitrate Dressings. When you’re making use of your fertilizer as a facet dressing or prime dressing, you’ll want to use .10 of a pound for each 10 toes of soil.

How one can apply calcium nitrate fertilizer

There are 3 ways gardeners apply calcium nitrate to their vegetation: topically as a foliar spray, as a prime dressing, or as a facet dressing.

Facet Dressing. That is most frequently used when your vegetation are grown in a row formation. To facet gown your vegetation, sprinkle a good layer about two to 5 inches away from the vegetation’ stems.


Incessantly Requested Questions

Does calcium nitrate decrease pH?

General, the chance of the soil changing into too alkaline from the everyday use of calcium nitrate is low. Whereas calcium nitrate does make soil much less acidic (or extra primary/alkaline), most ammoniated fertilizer varieties are much less more likely to skew soil ranges to the purpose of being too alkaline.

When you use the advisable quantity of fertilizer or adhere to the ratio listed in your product packaging, then it’s best to keep away from the chance of over-application. Together with elevating the soil’s pH, calcium nitrate permits the plant to uptake extra vitamins, which may stability soil higher in the long term.

When ought to I apply calcium nitrate to my vegetation?

The very best time to spray calcium nitrate is after your vegetation have been watered properly, avoiding the time when the solar is highest within the sky.

As a preventative measure in your fruits and veggies, apply a prime dressing of calcium nitrate earlier than planting.

After your vegetation start to develop however earlier than they produce fruit, do a second utility. For this subsequent utility, facet gown your vegetation with a weaker focus of fertilizer. You possibly can apply your calcium nitrate a couple of times extra through the rising season, primarily based in your vegetation’ wants.

Regulate vegetation which can be struggling and apply your calcium nitrate foliar spray as wanted.

How a lot calcium nitrate per liter of water ought to I add?

It would be best to combine one tablespoon of calcium nitrate per liter of water. Make certain the calcium nitrate totally dissolves. In any other case, discard the portion the place sediment stays seen.


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