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Calm Magnesium When To Take

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Natural Vitality CALM® has been providing stress relief and relaxation by the strength of magnesium, which is derived from the sea. Our unflavored supplement mixes with water to produce magnesium citrate, which is three times more absorbent than magnesium oxide. Every sip helps with anxiety, relieving stress from your body, and calming your mind. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels, as well as cardiovascular fitness, and nervous system function. The FDA has not evaluated Leading magnesium brand in the United States – a leading magnesium manufacturer.

When Should Calm Be Taken?

Natural Vitality CALM® can be taken any time of day.
Some people like to take the product in the morning, while others prefer it later in day.
The best way to experience the benefits and ensure an optimum magnesium intake is to consume consistent amounts of magnesium.
Before using this product, always consult your health care professional if you have any health issues.
We recommend using the product before the expiration date on the box.
The product is not intended to be a laxative and is intended for healthy magnesium levels; it isn’t merely formulated to promote healthy levels of magnesium;