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can apple cider vinegar go bad

Apple cider vinegar is commonly utilized in cooking and baking, or to make marinades, dressings, and even drinks.

To make it, chopped apples are lined with water and left to ferment to kind ethanol. Pure micro organism convert the ethanol into acetic acid, which is the primary part of vinegar (1).

It’s not usually that a complete bottle of apple cider vinegar is utilized in one sitting, which can depart you questioning whether or not it ever expires.

This text critiques whether or not apple cider vinegar goes unhealthy, plus storage ideas to enhance its high quality and shelf life.


Shelf life and correct storage ideas

The acidic nature of vinegar makes it a self-preserving pantry staple, which suggests it usually by no means sours or expires.

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The pH scale, which ranges from 0–14 signifies how acidic a substance is. A pH decrease than 7 is acidic, and a pH larger than 7 is fundamental. Acetic acid, the primary constituent of apple cider vinegar, has a extremely acidic pH between 2 and three (2).

Vinegar has pure antimicrobial properties, which possible contribute to its lengthy shelf life. In truth, vinegar can forestall the expansion of illness-causing germs like E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans (3, 4).

In a single examine, vinegar had essentially the most antibacterial traits compared with espresso, soda, tea, juice, and olive oil (5).

The easiest way to retailer apple cider vinegar is in an hermetic container in a cool, darkish place away from daylight, resembling in a kitchen pantry or basement. Refrigerating apple cider vinegar is pointless and doesn’t enhance its shelf life (6).


How apple cider vinegar adjustments over time

As vinegar ages, it could endure aesthetic adjustments, resembling changing into hazy or separating. You might also discover cloudy sediments or fibers on the backside of the bottle.

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That is largely resulting from publicity to oxygen, which occurs each time you open the lid (7).

Over time, oxygenation additionally causes the discharge of citric acid and sulfur dioxide, two preservatives in vinegar (6).

This might have an effect on the way it tastes or contributes to a recipe, however these adjustments don’t considerably have an effect on the dietary worth or shelf lifetime of apple cider vinegar.

Earlier than utilizing apple cider vinegar that you just’ve had for some time, you may odor and even style it to ensure it’ll nonetheless work nicely in your recipe.

Remember the fact that although apple cider vinegar merchandise might have an expiration date on them, many producers notice that its secure to make use of nicely past this date.


The underside line

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and has antimicrobial properties that make it self-preserving. Which means it’s secure to devour and use in recipes even when it’s outdated.

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Nevertheless, apple cider vinegar can endure aesthetic adjustments over time which will barely change its style, texture, or look. That is primarily resulting from chemical adjustments that occur when it’s uncovered to oxygen.

Nonetheless, a lot of these adjustments don’t have an effect on the shelf lifetime of apple cider vinegar, and it’s not harmful to devour it when it will get outdated.


Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar


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“can apple cider vinegar go bad”

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