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Can Biotin Affect Iron Levels?

Does biotin affect iron absorption? Adequate levels of biotin appear to be essential for adequate iron uptake. Thus, for correcting iron deficiency in humans, it may be important to ensure biotin adequacy. Heme is essential in intermediary metabolism, gene regulation, and mitochondrial integrity (26).

What blood tests does biotin interfere with? Most of the published research on biotin interference covers hormone tests, such as parathyroid hormone (PTH), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), T4 and T3 tests, as well as tests for troponin.

Is biotin good for iron? Biotin supplements contain iron, because the two are closely linked.

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Can Biotin Affect Iron Levels

Biotin in supplements can also affect tests for heart failure, pregnancy, cancer, and iron-deficiency anemia. Experts say the problem is not new. “In the lab community, people have known about this for a long time,” said Danni Li, PhD, director of clinical chemistry at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

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When should I stop taking biotin before a blood test?

IF your laboratory test is not urgent: Since biotin is relatively rapidly eliminated from the bloodstream after ingestion, it is recommended that you stop taking biotin at least 8 hours before the scheduled blood test.

Does biotin affect blood work?

Biotin in blood or other samples taken from patients who are ingesting high levels of biotin in dietary supplements can cause clinically significant incorrect lab test results.

Can biotin affect your TSH levels?

Most commonly, biotin use can result in falsely high levels of T4 and T3 and falsely low levels of TSH, leading to either a wrong diagnosis of hyperthyroidism or that the thyroid hormone dose is too high.

What medications should not be taken with biotin?

Taking certain medicines can lower your blood levels of biotin, which could affect your biotin dose needs.

Is 10000 mcg biotin too much?

Mayo Clinic states that 10,000 mcg is a safe dose, as no adverse side effects have been noted to date. Reassuringly, even “mega doses” of 300,000 mcg found no side effects in neurological research.

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