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Can Biotin Cause Bright Yellow Urine?

Should I stop taking vitamins if my pee is bright yellow? Bright yellow urine is common when taking a vitamin B complex, specifically due to the B2 vitamin, also known as riboflavin. In fact, “flavin” comes from the Latin “flavus” which means yellow. So don’t ditch your daily vitamins yet—they’re actually a vital part of maintaining your overall health.

Does biotin make your pee neon? However, biotin deficiency is uncommon. Because B vitamins are water-soluble, your body eliminates any excess amount through your pee. As such, you’re not doing yourself any favors by taking massive quantities. An obvious indicator you’re overdoing it is bright yellow urine.

What vitamin causes bright yellow urine? Riboflavin

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Why is my urine neon yellow?

Amber urine Amber urined your bright yellow or neon liquid. Bright yellow urine is harmless, and is just a sign that you are taking more vitamins than your body needs. You may want to check with your doctor on what vitamins your body does not need as much of so you can cut back.

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