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Can Biotin Help With Beard Growth?

Will biotin increase facial hair? While data on beard growth in particular is limited, several studies suggest that biotin supplements can improve hair thickness in people with conditions affecting hair growth, such as alopecia, though beard hair is not specifically mentioned ( 1 , 5 ).

Which biotin is best for beard growth? These are some of the best beard growth supplements out right now.

What supplements help grow beards? biotin

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Can Biotin Help With Beard Growth

Prime Beard Beard Growth Supplement. …
Beard Grow XL. …
Havasu Nutrition High Potency Biotin Gummies. …
Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard. …
Pure Research Biotin Liquid Drops. …
Viking Revolution Men’s Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement Tablets.

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How do I fix my patchy beard?


Does biotin have side effects?

Vitamins and supplements can have a negative effect on some medications and medical conditions. There are currently no known adverse side effects of biotin when taken as prescribed by a doctor or through normal dietary intake.

How long does biotin take to work?

It takes months to see results on biotin. According to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (source), biotin takes around 90 days to begin to work. Contrary to some of the claims you may have heard, biotin is not an overnight remedy that will magically give you 5 inches of hair growth in 24 hours.

How can I stimulate my beard to grow?

Beard growth tips

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