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Can Biotin Make Urine Smell?

Does biotin affect urine? Biotin may also alter the results of urine pregnancy tests. Because of the large number of laboratory tests affected, patients should discontinue biotin for 48 hours or more prior to laboratory testing to minimize the risk of test interference.

Why does my pee smell like supplements? Kaaki says vitamin B and vitamin D can cause a similar smell. Keep in mind these vitamins are in most multivitamins. Dr. Kaaki says medication from the sulfa drug group can also cause your urine to smell bad.

Does biotin have a smell? It does smell sort of like a decaying mouse, just 1000x weaker. Gelatin sometimes has that odor, so I believe it’s just the capsule. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, and I’ve found it with several other medicines in gelatin capsules and taken them with no issue.

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Can Biotin Make Urine Smell

Your body gets rid of nutrients you don’t need through peeing. Extra vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) can give it a strong odor. Too much vitamin B1 (thiamine) can make your pee smell like fish. B vitamins can also make your pee look a bright greenish-yellow.

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