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Can I Put Biotin Vitamins In My Shampoo?

Is biotin safe in shampoo? Biotin shampoos are generally very safe and beneficial to hair. Biotin Xtreme Hair Care Natural Biotin Shampoo in particular is a great product to have in your regular hair care routine.

Can I put vitamins in my shampoo? Some false claims say to crush 2-3 prenatal vitamin pills in your shampoo and that’s how you make your hair grow longer faster. Incorrect. Putting more than ZERO prenatal vitamins in shampoo is too many because they don’t work topically. That’s the wrong way to use prenatal vitamins for hair growth.

What vitamin can I add to my shampoo? Recently, vitamin E has been hailed as a cure-all to turn frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair into shiny, luscious locks worthy of a shampoo commercial — or a sun-soaked Instagram image.

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