Can New Exercise Delay Period?

Can New Exercise Delay Period? A region in the brain called the hypothalamus slows down the release of hormones responsible for ovulation, so your period may not arrive when you expect it. This usually only occurs with intense, strenuous exercise and a low-calorie diet.

Can starting to exercise affect your period? Intense exercise can cause changes in the hormones responsible for your menstrual cycle. It can cause you to have breakthrough bleeding when you are not on your period, lighter periods than you normally have, and sometimes, no period at all. 2022.

Can exercising delay your period? If you do not ovulate, the changes that trigger your menstruation will not happen and you will miss your period. Missing your periods as a result of strenuous exercise is called exercise-induced amenorrhea. An extreme form of exercise-induced amenorrhea is known as the female athlete triad.

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