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Does Biotin Promote Facial Hair Growth?

Does biotin grow unwanted facial hair? While data on beard growth in particular is limited, several studies suggest that biotin supplements can improve hair thickness in people with conditions affecting hair growth, such as alopecia, though beard hair is not specifically mentioned ( 1 , 5 ).

Does biotin increase beard growth? Biotin can most definitely increase the rate at which your beard grows while making each hair thicker and healthier. If you wish to start taking biotin daily to maximize beard growth, there are plenty of products on the market today that are formulated for this specific purpose.

Does biotin make you more hairy? To date, there’s only limited evidence to suggest that increased biotin intake may help promote hair growth. In reviewing studies — such as the two provided below — evidence is inconclusive that biotin influences hair growth as supplements taken contain not only biotin but other ingredients as well.

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Does Biotin Promote Facial Hair Growth

Diet. Good nutrition from eating a healthy, balanced diet may benefit your beard as well as your body. …
Beard growth vitamins and supplements. Many supplements are specifically targeted toward beard growth. …
Sleep. Sleep is essential for optimal overall health. …
Washing and moisturizing.

Does biotin increase weight?

Does biotin cause weight gain? No, there is no evidence to suggest taking biotin supplements can lead to weight gain. In fact, biotin is sometimes touted as a weight-loss supplement. However, there is no research to confirm biotin has any effect on weight.

How do you know if biotin is working?

During the first couple of months of taking biotin, you may not notice any difference in your hair. It may grow at the same rate as it did before you started the vitamin. But, for many people, it begins to work around the third or fourth month, and that’s when the results get encouraging.

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How can I increase facial hair growth?

Beard growth tips

Does biotin have side effects?

Vitamins and supplements can have a negative effect on some medications and medical conditions. There are currently no known adverse side effects of biotin when taken as prescribed by a doctor or through normal dietary intake.

Which biotin is best for beard growth?

These are some of the best beard growth supplements out right now.

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