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Does Collagen Tighten Skin

We evaluation the analysis to reply the query – can collagen dietary supplements tighten pores and skin? In addition to discover different attainable well being advantages like joints, bones, and weight reduction.

Lately, diet dietary supplements have been raging on the web and sworn by magnificence gurus and health junkies alike. One complement caught up within the craze is collagen.

Collagen complement followers declare it could actually scale back wrinkles, plump and sort out getting old results on pores and skin. Alongside these claims, different proponents boast collagen as a instrument to alleviate joint ache, forestall bone loss and even promote weight reduction. So we dive into the analysis to seek out out if collagen is all its cracked as much as be and reply the query – can collagen dietary supplements tighten pores and skin?

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Collagen is an considerable protein present in our our bodies and important for the structural integrity of our bones, pores and skin, muscle, hair, and tendons. Collagen might be present in quite a lot of meals comparable to bone marrow and animal broths, however dietary collagen is just not important to our dietary wants. It’s because our our bodies are naturally capable of produce collagen by taking amino acids from protein wealthy meals and numerous different vitamins like vitamin C to make all of the collagen we want, in home.

There are vegan “collagen boosting” dietary supplements available on the market, however these are product of nutritional vitamins (i.e. vitamin C) and minerals (i.e. zinc) that the physique makes use of to make collagen. Researchers have additionally found a method to make vegan collagen utilizing genetically modified yeast and micro organism, particularly P. pastoris. Nonetheless, it’s not but extensively accessible.

Sorts of Collagen

Whereas practically 28 sorts of collagen have been recognized, there are 4 predominant varieties.

Sort I is product of densely packed fibres that present construction to pores and skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue and enamel. Sort I accounts for 90% of the physique’s collagen.

is product of densely packed fibres that present construction to pores and skin, bones, tendons, fibrous cartilage, connective tissue and enamel. Sort I accounts for 90% of the physique’s collagen. Sort II is product of loosely packed fibres present in elastic cartilage to cushions joints.

is product of loosely packed fibres present in elastic cartilage to cushions joints. Sort III helps the construction of organs, muscular tissues and arteries.

helps the construction of organs, muscular tissues and arteries. Sort IV is discovered within the layers of the pores and skin and aids in filtration.

Let’s dive into what the analysis says about collagen dietary supplements and study the 4 alleged advantages together with pores and skin well being, joint ache, bone well being, and weight reduction.

Collagen and Skin Well being

As we age, our manufacturing of collagen declines and impacts the structural integrity of our collagen community in our pores and skin. This ends in sagging of the pores and skin, wrinkles and aesthetic results of getting old. Nonetheless, the excellent news is that the analysis does appear to point that collagen dietary supplements could tighten pores and skin and assist to delay pores and skin getting old.

For instance, one 2015 research discovered that oral collagen supplementation elevated pores and skin hydration and density by bettering each amount and high quality of the collagen community. Equally, one other 2015 randomized management trial seemed intently on the results of collagen on pores and skin elasticity, hydration and wrinkles and located that individuals skilled a big discount within the depth of wrinkles. Individuals additionally skilled a 14% improve in water content material within the pores and skin, and improved pores and skin elasticity.

As well as, a latest 2020 systematic evaluation discovered that every one research reported helpful results of collagen supplementation on pores and skin getting old in each wholesome and unhealthy topics.

Alternatively, a latest 2019 evaluation discovered that the few research it evaluated discovered solely modest advantages to utilizing collagen complement. The authors steered that whereas preliminary findings are thrilling, there are plenty of limitations to the analysis. For instance, the research used totally different collagen manufactures, various doses, and confounding lively elements comparable to nutritional vitamins and minerals, all of which can influence findings. Participant traits have been additionally combined by way of geographical location, age, intercourse, and thus these variables influence our means to generalize the outcomes.

With that stated, collagen supplementation could assist to enhance pores and skin well being nonetheless it additionally extremely is determined by the kind of complement used and the way it’s made.

Collagen for Joint Ache

Collagen is considerable in our tendons and ligaments. Nonetheless, as we age and produce much less collagen within the physique, it will increase the danger for joint issues comparable to osteoarthritis (OA). Fortunately, there’s promising analysis indicating that collagen supplementation could assist with OA by decreasing ache and irritation and growing collagen synthesis.

An early 2006 evaluation of the literature discovered that collagen dietary supplements considerably elevated collagen synthesis, leading to enhancements in OA ache and joint perform. A newer evaluation from 2020 analyzing 41 additionally research discovered vital advantages for OA signs and cartilage therapeutic. Equally, one other 2019 meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials discovered that collagen is efficient in bettering OA signs.

Whereas present preliminary analysis has been total constructive on the consequences of collagen supplementation for joint reduction, these research are usually not with out limitations. Specifically, many scientific research have been small scaled, short-term and in some instances, not even in people.

Usually talking, the physique of analysis we do have means that collagen dietary supplements could also be an efficient remedy for some individuals with joint issues and joint ache, however we want extra analysis to suggest it throughout the board.

Collagen for Bone Well being

Osteoporosis (OP) is a illness of the skeletal system characterised by bone mass loss, decreased skeletal construction and elevated threat of fractures. Growing older is one contributing issue to OP that we are able to’t precisely forestall, but it surely’s been proposed that insufficient collagen earlier on in life could play a job.

Sadly, the present analysis on collagen and bone metabolism in people is restricted. Nonetheless, there’s a rising physique of proof that collagen could assist assist calcium absorption, bone density and bone formation.

For instance, one 2018 randomized management research offered individuals with 5 grams of collagen per day which resulted in a big improve in bone density within the backbone and neck. Alternatively, one 2000 research checked out populations all through the USA, UK, and Germany discovered no vital variations in reported ache enchancment from collagen, however another symptom enhancements within the German group and individuals with extreme OP.

So how a lot do it’s essential take to see a profit? Whereas numerous research used totally different dosages, a 2016 evaluation of the literature really helpful a dosage of 12 g of collagen to encourage a few of these bone constructing advantages.

Does Collagen Assist Weight Loss?


Lastly let’s discuss collagen’s alleged position in aiding in weight reduction by “boosting” metabolism. One 2008 research examined oral consumption of gelatin (a supply of collagen) throughout one meal on each “normal weight” and “obese” individuals. The research concluded that gelatin could assist maximize satiety, subsequently probably aiding in weight reduction efforts in “obese” sufferers, however that might be true for any wealthy supply of protein, together with protein wealthy meals, not restricted to collagen.

Ought to You Take a Collagen Complement?


Most analysis we now have on the advantages of collagen is comparatively exploratory and preliminary, so we are able to’t say for sure {that a} very particular dosage or model of collagen supplementation will lead to the advantages mentioned. I do know it’s tempting to focus all our consideration on one nutrient alone however we now have to verify we now have an total nutritious diet.

Since our our bodies are capable of make collagen from breaking down protein, we don’t really must devour collagen particular dietary supplements in case you’re getting a variety of collagen within the weight-reduction plan already. For instance, you possibly can derive collagen from bone broth, beef, hen, fish, egg whites and dairy. As well as, as talked about earlier, vitamin C performs an essential position as a precursor to collagen. Due to this fact, consuming quite a lot of vitamin C containing vegetables and fruit (comparable to citrus fruit, bell peppers, cruciferous greens, and berries) are additionally essential.

For those who’re vegan and need to get your collagen repair from meals you possibly can devour meals which might be excessive in essentially the most considerable amino acids in collagen (glycine, lysine and proline). This contains meals comparable to soy merchandise, black and kidney beans, pumpkin, squash, sunflower and chia seeds, pistachios, peanuts and cashews.


It’s essential to take into account that dietary supplements are usually not extremely regulated. As talked about, some collagen dietary supplements add different elements to the product, comparable to nutritional vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, and the mix of all these elements are usually not but nicely understood. Whereas the preliminary research appear promising and secure, there’s nonetheless an absence of large-scale randomized management trials and it’s also nonetheless unclear what the optimum dose is.

To not point out, some collagen dietary supplements value a reasonably penny. So in case you devour a well-balanced weight-reduction plan that features meals naturally excessive in collagen ( comparable to meat, fish, eggs and dairy) and ample quantities of protein generally, then you definitely in all probability don’t must spend additional money on a collagen complement! If you’re inquisitive about attempting a collagen complement, at all times communicate to your physician beforehand and ensure you select a 3rd get together examined (e.g., product.

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