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Does Magnesium Interfere With Thyroid Medication

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On a predetermined dose of levothyroxine, two patients with hypothyroidism treated for upper dyspepsia and constipation were shown to have a significant rise in the serum concentration of thyroid stimulating hormone and low serum thyroxine. The thyroid glands are stimulated after the discontinuation of antacids/laxatives. The hormone levels were also reduced, indicating an association between levothy.roxine and antacidolatives. A dose-related rise was found in vitro studies. Levothyoxine is a form of aluminum hydroside and magnesium hydroxides. While there is no link between magnesium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, there is no association.

Does Magnesium Interfere With Thyroid Medication – Answer & Related Questions

Or, your healthcare specialist may have a different drug that does not react with levothyroxine. The bulk of antacids, such as Tums, contain calcium, aluminum, or magnesium. They’re usually used to treat heartburn. These substances form a levothyroxine-based bond, causing it to be less absorbed.

Does Magnesium Affect Thyroid Medication?

4. Vitamins and supplements. After taking your thyroid medications, Dr. Jaiswal recommends that you avoid any iron, calcium, or magnesium for at least four hours.” Multivitamins that contain these minerals are also included in this list.

If you’re looking for a specific measurement, you should avoid biotin as it will interfere with accurate measurement. Usually, it is best to avoid biotin for 1-2 weeks before going to the thyroid labs. Levothyroxine interactions can also be triggered by a dose of iodine.

If you regularly use or intend to add vitamins or other medications to your regimen, it’s always best to consult with your endocrinologist or primary care physician beforehand.

5. Other medications Because regulating hormone levels in the body is so important, some common medications can’t be used with thyroid medications. Which ones should you avoid taking along with thyroid medication?