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does protinex contain whey protein

Protinex Vs Whey Protein? Greatest for Ladies? Protein is among the most important macronutrients for the correct functioning of the physique. A 60 kg grownup who doesn’t look previous has a sedentary way of life and nonetheless wants about 50 to 60 grams of protein every day.

Nevertheless, if the aim is to construct muscle, the necessity for protein will increase much more. What if an individual is a vegetarian or has a busy way of life?

It will get fairly troublesome to meet a every day Protein requirement for Ladies too. Therefore the necessity for the protein complement arises.

Whey Protein vs Protinex is among the hottest selections? Allow us to discuss each of them.


What’s Protinex?

Protinex is nothing however a Protein Complement. It helps you in fulfilling your every day protein requirement. Protinex is showcased as a well being drink.

It has amino acids, calcium, nutritional vitamins and minerals, and respectable protein content material. Our physique requires at least 0.8 grams of protein.

It has zero trans-fats and accommodates excessive protein and eight immuno vitamins.


What Whey Protein Complement is?

Whey is just if you take the milk and also you push that liquid portion by a filter, you’re in the end left with proteins and a few byproducts.

That is then dried and that turns into your whey protein. The problem with whey protein is you’ve bought a few totally different sorts.

So, Whey Protein Complement is a Protein Powder which is consists of Solely Whey Powder.


Protinex Vs Whey Protein? Which one to Purchase for Higher outcomes?

Now you already know what’s whey and what’s protinex. That is the best time to debate Protinex vs whey protein. Let’s examine them on the premise of their dietary info. Components, costs, and numerous different components and work out which one is a better option.

We may even focus on if This protein powder is protected? What Really are they product of? When, how, and the way a lot ought to be consumed and rather more.

I’d recommend you undergo this if you learn a full evaluate of this Protinex vs Whey protein, you get the entire info that can provide help to make the best resolution for your self.

So with none additional delay, let’s get began.

How Whey Protein is definitely made?

Whey protein is a sort of protein that’s extracted from Dairy Milk, then we separate panner from milk including lemon juice or vinegar.

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The yellow-greenish liquid left behind is nothing however Whey. It’s this liquid that’s processed to get to be protein powder.

So every thing is derived from a vegetarian supply. And it may be consumed by each women and men.

How a lot Protein do you get from one serving of Whey Protein?

One Serving of whey protein powder, which is 30 grams will provide you with approx 120 energy with one gram of fats, three grams of carbohydrates, one gram of sugar, and 24 grams of HIGH-QUALITY protein.

Whey Protein is a Lean Supply of Protein?

Now, as a result of it has a negligible quantity of fat and carbohydrates, it may be thought-about as a lean supply of protein.

The good thing about consuming lean protein sources that it will get simply absorbed by the physique.

How Protinex is definitely made?

Protinex and some other Protein Complement like this are made both from Soya, Peanuts, or wheat. Since each of them are the largest veg supply of protein. And anybody can devour it.

It’s truly a mix of Soy protein, milk protein, and in some circumstances, in addition they add Pea Protein in it.

In addition they added nutritional vitamins and minerals which provides the traditional patrons an additional purpose to purchase Protinex.

How a lot Protein do you get from one serving of Protinex Protein?

Alternatively, one serving of Protinex provides you 105 energy. 9.6 grams of protein. 16.4 grams of carbohydrates. 9.3 grams of sugar.

A negligible quantity of fats and a variety of nutritional vitamins and Minerals. As you possibly can see Protinex shouldn’t be a lean supply of protein.

Draw back:

Whey serving vs Protinex serving?

Now we are going to discuss servings in Protinex vs whey protein. So a serving of Whey would appear like this, which has nothing else however protein.

Whereas Protinex would appear like this, which has half protein and half sugar. So which one would you want to decide on?

Clearly, Whey protein is an efficient alternative. However why is that? Some folks select most likely Protinex over Whey protein? Possibly due to the value?

Worth Comparability

One purpose could be the lack of knowledge. Nevertheless, the most important purpose is the value of a whey protein. So this worth comparability on Protinex vs whey protein will provide you with a transparent image.

250 grams of protinex price round 375 rs whereas 900 grams of optimum diet gold customary whey protein price you round 3000rs.

As it’s a U.S. model after a customized responsibility will likely be at your step. So we will say that this Optimum Diet Protein Powder is greater than two instances costlier than protinex.

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So Protinex is Cheaper than Whey?

So allow us to do a fundamental calculation. We get 900 grams of Whey for 3000rs. Which means one gram of Whey Protein is 3000/ 900 is the same as 3.3rs.

One serving of the Optimum Diet Scoop is 30 grams. We provide you with 3.33 into 30. That’s virtually from rupees 100.

In brief:

900g of Whey Protein = Rs 3000

1g of Whey Protein = Rs 3000/900 = 3.3 rs.

Value of 1 serving of Optimum Diet(30g) = Rs 3.3*30 = 99.9 which is nearly 100rs.

Value of 1gram of Protein = 100/24 = 4.1 rs for 1 gram of protein.


So one serving of the Optimum diet protein which is costing you for one serving is 100gram, will provide you with 24 grams of protein.

Which means the price of 1 gram of protein is 100 by 24, which roughly comes off to be two rupees 4.1.

Now allow us to see what protinex has to supply. 250 grams of protinex going to price you round 375 rs.

One gram of protein will price us 375 by 250. One serving of protinex, which can also be 30 grams, will price us 375/250 * 30. It will likely be 45rs

In brief:

250 gram of Protinex = 375 rs approx

1gm = Rs 375/250

1 serving = 30 gram

Value of 1 serving(30 g) = Rs 375/250 * 30 = Rs 45

1gram of Protein = 45/10 = 4.5 rs.

Now this one serving of Protinex which is costing us 45 rupees however it provides us 9.6 gram of protein. Allow us to say 10gram approx.


So meaning you might be getting 1 gram of protein from protinex at rupee’s 4.5. So we have now proved that Protein from Protinex is pricey than that Optimum Diet Whey. I do agree that in an effort to purchase Whey Protein, it’s important to pull out more cash at first.

However in the long term, it’s less expensive than Protinex. And most significantly, you getting high-quality protein, which can provide help to construct muscle a lot quicker.

So it’s completely price it. Why am I calling Whey a high-quality Protein? as a result of it’s extracted from milk, which is a whole supply of protein.

Components Comparability

Even if you happen to take a look at its elements, the very very first thing they point out is Whey protein isolate.

Nevertheless, the one ingredient which I want wasn’t there on this whey protein is that this synthetic sweetener referred to as Acesulfame Potassium.

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They Every day really helpful dosage of this synthetic sweetener is 15 mg per kg Body weight as a result of Acesulfame Potassium is 200 instances sweeter than the traditional sugar.

So in case your Every day consumption is One or Two scoops, It ought to be positive. Nevertheless, if you wish to fully keep away from this synthetic sweetener and synthetic flavors, you should buy uncooked whey powder.

Alternatively, the protein supply of Protinex is peanuts, which isn’t a whole supply of protein. Then the Carbohydrates are coming from sugar, malt extract, and maltodextrin that are all easy sugars.

The amount of protein, the quantity of nutritional vitamins and minerals in that is undoubtedly optimistic.

When to take Protinex or Whey Protein?

When you’ve got already purchased Protinex otherwise you nonetheless wish to purchase it, you possibly can have one serving of it Put up Exercise with low-fat milk.

However In the case of Whey Protein, If you wish to get the utmost profit out of it. At all times have it Put up-workout with Water.

Which one to purchase for higher outcomes?

Anyway, Whey is way Higher than this. When you’ve got severe muscle gaining objectives and you are feeling that you simply’re not getting correct, even every day, take into account shopping for a Whey protein.

And an important factor that you must be mindful if you shopping for whey protein is that you simply purchase it from a licensed supplier.

See What Youtubers are saying?



This was my trustworthy view, an trustworthy comparability of Protinex vs Whey Protein. Little question on a Battle of Protinex Vs Whey Protein, Whey Clearly wins in each facet. Whey prices you much less if you happen to do the maths. Additionally, by this, you’ll get top quality and fast-absorbing Protein.

However in order for you a Correct Protein Powder with Vitamin, Minerals, and Good Style then Protinex will likely be a Good Selection. I hope you discovered it useful. If you’d like extra content material like this on this weblog, please give this text a share and make some Higher selections.

Let me know within the feedback part when you’ve got any doubts concerning this evaluate. I’ll certainly get again to you. Additionally, please remark. What extra meals merchandise would you need me to disclose for you.


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