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does vegan protein powder cause gas

By some means, a way and someplace alongside my arduous journey to changing into a (self-proclaimed) LEGENDARY vegan bodybuilder, I established myself as a vibrant and vivacious, fun-loving, vegan blogger babe who farts… a LOT.

Okay, who am I kidding? It was completely this publish in regards to the disgusting facet of being a vegan bikini competitor in my early days of competing that put me on the map as a crass and brutally trustworthy match chick with a very good sense of humour and an excellent ass (once more, self-proclaimed.)

I definitely don’t cover the truth that as a vegan bikini competitor turned professional, clearly I eat a LOT of plant-based protein and fibrous, farty meals to create my plant-built physique. However apparently as a result of I’m each match & enticing, it’s an unwritten rule that sizzling ladies don’t fart. And apparently I needs to be conserving my bodily capabilities to myself.

Properly screw that! I’m a REAL particular person and I’m getting REAL bored with having to reply to each single one among my shoppers who ask what they’ll do in regards to the bloating and farting they’re experiencing since switching over to a vegan food regimen.

Sound acquainted? Belief me, my bloated vegan brethren, you aren’t alone!

I truly hear this grievance from shoppers on a regular basis. They love their custom-made vegan meal plans. They usually’re destroying their exercises day by day. They really feel nice, sleep nice, have glowing pores and skin BUT for no matter purpose, they’re farting up a severe stink storm and feeling like a bloated whale as every day goes on.

Properly vegan match crew, right this moment I’m gonna break all of it down for you. I guess you may hardly comprise your pleasure! Or are you simply holding in a fart?

Earlier than we start, let me first clarify what precisely a fart is. Most of us can collect {that a} “fart” is just about simply air that’s trapped within us. However most peeps don’t know what precisely causes us to carry in that air and extra importantly, why we vegan bodybuilders appear extra farty and bloated than our animal-eating counterparts.

Consider it or not, there are numerous fart-causing culprits. Quite a lot of new vegans particularly discover their rising fart expenditure upon making the change from a normal American food regimen. And it’s value noting that that is often due to the rise in veggie consumption.

Veggies are jam-packed filled with fiber which is, after all, jam-packed filled with vitamins so whether or not you’re farty or not, you need to nonetheless embody a TON of inexperienced veggies in your day by day food regimen. I all the time specify “green” veggies as a result of I personally contemplate them to be “free foods.” Inexperienced veggies are so low in energy and excessive in diet that if there’s something you’re going to eat in extra, make it them greens, yo!

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And keep in mind, a food regimen excessive in fiber (i.e. vegan) ensures your digestive system is chugging alongside easily AND bonus for these of us attempting to lean down: fiber retains us feeling full for longer so inexperienced veggies actually are the proper meals for anybody on a food regimen.

That being stated, an enormous serving of fibrous inexperienced veggies IS laborious to your physique to digest. So in the event you’re discovering that your incessant farting and basketball-sized, protruding abdomen is simply method too outta management, listed here are a number of tips to permit for top vegetable consumption with minimal discomfort.


One other HUGE purpose for extreme farting and bloating and it is a BIG one for me personally: chewing sugar-free gum.

Sugar-free gum seems like a dieter’s God save. And it’s, don’t get me fallacious. I’d be mendacity if I stated that I didn’t chew sugar-free gum ALL DAY LONG particularly after I’m in hardcore competitors prep mode. In truth, I’m chewing some while I write this publish.

Chewing gum busies my hungry mouth, strengthens my jaw muscle mass, is a welcoming burst of flavour from an in any other case bland & boring, vegan bikini competitor meals plan. And it acts as a dessert after I end my meal however nonetheless need extra meals or one thing candy to cleanse my bland & boring palate.

The draw back of chewing sugar-free gum is that it’s made with a crap load of sugar alcohols. Sure, these added “sweeteners” may be pure like stevia or xylitol or completely unnatural like aspartame or sucralose. However whether or not you go full-out chemical sweetener type or not, they’ll ALL wreak havoc in your gastrointestinal tract AND trigger not solely bloating and farting, however explosive diarrhea if consumed in extra. Not talking from expertise or something… **nervous chortle**




Any type of sugar alcohol is REALLY laborious for our our bodies to interrupt down however what makes the fart/bloat state of affairs even worse for gum chewers is that the mere act of chewing causes us to swallow extra air. It’s a double whammy!

And one thing to contemplate subsequent time you’re on a sizzling date and inform your self that “fresh breath” is of upper concern than having to carry in your farts. It’s NOT. Belief me.

When you “Netflix & chill” along with your love curiosity, my suggestion is to drink copious quantities of water with a teaspoon of mint chlorophyll added to it (a pure deodorizer and breath freshener) in order that he gained’t hear your abdomen growling AND the fixed pee breaks will will let you launch these farts if and once they do come up.

Subsequent factor to contemplate is a probiotic and digestive enzyme complement.

Anybody who has ever labored with me as their vegan coach is aware of that I’m an enormous advocate for supplementing with each. I’ve detailed the significance of probiotics for bodybuilders in THIS POST however the Cole’s Notes model is that this:

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As vegan bodybuilders, we are likely to eat loads of protein. Not solely is protein troublesome for our our bodies to interrupt down, however after we’re consuming extra protein than we require, our our bodies will truly convert most of these energy to sugar after which fats. And with elevated blood sugar ranges, you can presumably find yourself feeding micro organism and yeast, aka the “bad” type of micro organism similar to Candida. Moreover, once you’re consuming copious quantities of protein (particularly animal-based), digestion slows and your physique struggles to carry out its breaking down and assimilating processes. Plus many people truly lack ample abdomen acid and pancreatic enzymes to carry out these fundamental capabilities– creating much more digestive upset.

Protein digestion (and digestion normally) is tremendous power intensive. And I’ve all the time believed that consuming a healthy dose of probiotics + digestive enzymes each morning tremendously helps my physique’s “eliminative processes” to perform each shortly and extra effectively, permitting for higher protein assimilation and an general pleased intestine.

I frequently change up the model of probiotics I take as a result of I by no means need my intestine to get used to the bacterial strains I give it.  I often alternate between a costlier one which incorporates a better dose of CFUs within the 25 – 50 billion vary with a less expensive, decrease dose choice.


I take one probiotic and one digestive enzyme each morning with out fail (on an empty abdomen) downed with a big-ass glass of lemon/chlorophyll water.

Digestive enzymes additionally maintain digestion shifting easily and shortly largely as a result of they actually assist your physique to metabolize the fat and carbs you’re consuming. If I had a nickel for each consumer who has thanked me for getting them onto the digestive enzyme practice, I’d be wealthy. I just like the Organika model Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes.

I like my little morning lemon water ritual as a result of lemon is a pure detoxifier and helps kick-start my digestion very first thing within the morning. Plus you get that little dose of vitamin C which is thought to scale back swelling and water retention.

I usually get requested if it’s all of the soy we vegans eat that make us so farty and bloated. To this, I say: allow us to acknowledge the plain! Soy is a bean and everyone knows how a lot flack beans get in terms of farting.

Why is that, you ask? All beans (soy beans included) comprise “oligosaccharides.” This sugar molecule is much like raffinose which means that our our bodies can’t absolutely break it down. And very like the opposite undigested sugar molecules, oligosaccharides like to take a seat in our guts to ferment and create fart/bloat metropolis. However earlier than you go chalking up another excuse to hate on soy, it’s value noting that these identical sugar molecules additionally act as a “prebiotic” which means they help the expansion of these GOOD micro organism we talked about earlier aka they help the probiotics in performing their job within the colon/giant gut.

Hopefully I’m not getting too scientific and technical with my huge farting information however mainly once you complement with a probiotic, you present the pure micro organism that feed on the sugar and starch within the meals you’re consuming which in flip, improves digestion and offers higher meals absorption. And the prebiotics that you just’re consuming through beans helps the expansion of these wholesome, good bacterial strains.

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And I do know that is kinda unrelated however I believe as girls, we regularly overlook simply how massive of a task PMS performs with regard to our bloated our bodies. Give it some thought: the week or two main as much as our durations trigger a serious enhance in estrogen and reduce in progesterone. And this combo can undoubtedly make us retain water (simply a 5 lb. weight achieve.)


So whether or not you’re hormone bloated, fiber-full, or simply sodium bomb-ed your self with salty, fake meats galore, listed here are my tried and true anti-bloating meatless meathead ideas & tips:

And at last, it simply wouldn’t be an award-winning, anti-fart publish with out together with my high picks for anti-bloat veggies. So right here goes!

First, a second of silence for my most beloved and hated vegetable of all time: ASPARAGUS. Anybody who has adopted me for some time is aware of how a lot asparagus I’ve eaten in my profession as a vegan bodybuilder. And anybody who’s ever employed me as their vegan coach is aware of how a lot asparagus I cram onto their meal plans. #SorryNotSorry

I’m going into a lot better element in regards to the anti-bloating, diuretic results of asparagus in THIS POST and why rivals eat so rattling a lot of it. However mainly, it makes you piss like a race horse which helps to take away the water and waste that’s inflicting you to really feel bloated. Parsley has an identical impact so be at liberty to garnish your meals with it as a lot as potential. I’ll even toss some parsley into my smoothies if I’m feeling further bloaty.

I’d additionally like to provide cucumbers an honourable point out as a result of very like watermelon, they’re an excellent inexperienced veggie to include into your meals plan as a result of cucumbers are filled with water.

In case I didn’t make clear this sufficient earlier, WATER IS CRUCIAL FOR DIGESTION. Goal to drink a very good 2 – 3 liters on a regular basis however you should definitely unfold it out as a result of consuming an excessive amount of water along with your meals can truly impair digestion. And clearly you wish to drink loads of that H2O once you’re figuring out to switch what you’ve misplaced by way of sweat.

Properly I believe I’ve made this publish lengthy sufficient! Oddly sufficient, I may in all probability ramble on about farting and bloating for an eternity however hopefully it is a good overview and I encourage you to hearken to my podcast episode ALL about farting for more information.

And regardless of the case, please don’t let a little bit fuel and bloating derail you out of your vegan food regimen or health targets. As a substitute, each time you’re feeling discouraged about ANYTHING in life, keep in mind the smart phrases of my father:

Simply stunning, Dad! Completely happy farting, youngsters!

-Sam Shorkey, Jacked on the Beanstalk


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