Exercise U Can Do In Bed?

Exercise U Can Do In Bed? – Lie on your back with your hands by your side, palms down.
– Keeping your legs straight, use your abs to lift your legs toward your face until your toes touch the headboard.
– Slowly lower your legs back to the bed, engaging your abdominals.
– Repeat 10 times.

What exercises can I do while in bed? – Lie on your back with your legs straight, feet flexed, toes toward the ceiling.
– Lift one leg to 45 degrees, engaging the quadriceps on the front of the thigh.
– Hold for 1 second and lower back to the bed.
– Repeat 15 to 20 times on each leg. Complete 3 sets with a 30-second rest between sets.

Is it OK to exercise in bed? As many trainers will tell you, any workout, no matter how easy or mild, is better than none at all. Working out in bed may be enough to keep your muscles and joints limber in between gym workouts and may prevent you from losing ground in meeting your fitness goals.

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